Sequence Comparison Software?

Dave Hostler dhostler at moon.ball.com
Mon Apr 1 00:52:26 EST 1996

jordans3 at yvax.byu.edu (S. Jordan) wrote:


>Is anyone aware of software that finds differences between two sequences?  I
>would like to proofread some sequences that have done a lot of cyber travelling
>and compare them to the GenBank originals.  I would love to let my computer do
>the work :-)


>Steve Jordan
>BYU Zoology

If the software package you normally use will make a dot plot then use
that and see if you get 100% similarity.  We always used MacDNAsis but
I believe DNAstar and MacVector will do the same thing.  If you don't
have any of these you may want to carry your disk to a lab that does
because they are painfully expensive.

Hope this helps,

Dave Hostler
Sinclair Community College - Biology
wildman at moon.ball.com

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