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Author: Alexander V. Spirov


Nowadays morphogenesis becomes commonly used term not only in
biology but in the field of evolutionary computations also. The
aim to deciphering or design set of rules that will themselves
self-organize to produce Form, attracts both theoretical biologists
and computer scientists. However, biological generalization of
morphogenesis include such basic principles as pattern-form
interplay and regulativity.

The problem of how the information coded in linear DNA molecule
becomes translated into a three-dimensional form we treat with
position of "Game of Morphogenesis": Pattern-Form Interplay
Models. The characteristic feature of the models is feedback loop
from (bio)chemical pattern formation to modeling embryo form changes.
The system is open and pattern changes give rise to changes in
form, these changes in form (surface geometry) cause further pattern
changes, and so on.

In frames of A-Life strategy we asking how do we imagine it could
have happened, but trying to approach as closely as possible to
the strategies employed by actual living organisms. Potentiality
of approach is demonstrated by simulation of early morphogenesis
of sea urchin embryo, as well as curvature-increasing model for
epithelial lobules formation. Revealed moduses of the model behavior
are the simplest ones and just these moduses are realized in the
early development. Taking into account the simplicity and universalism
of the model, the obtained results may bring in evidence that
there is a small biological specificness of the early embryo
morphogenesis and that the prevalence of synergetic specificness
of this process do exist.

By regulation biologists mean the ability of developing organisms
to regulate their pattern to their size. Apparently it is one
of the most striking properties of living organisms. In conclusion,
we discussing perspectives to explore schemes for regulative
morphogenesis in evolutionary simulations.

KEYWORDS: morphogenesis, pattern and form, morphogenesis modeling,
pattern-form interplay, size regulations, artificial morphogenesis.
(15 pages, 18 color illus.)

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