Large-animal fossils in carboniferous strata

Tue Apr 2 09:10:16 EST 1996

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> Subject:       Large-animal fossils in carboniferous strata
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> Carboniferous age is supposed to be 300 million years ago;  nothing is
> supposed to have been alive in the Carboniferous other than green trees
> and plants, fish, invertebrates, and insects.
> Therefore, it comes as something of a shock to many of these same scientists
> that large numbers of human and/or hominid and other large-animal bones,
> teeth, tusks, claws, and even handles of implements have been turned up
> in the coal-mining districts of Pennsylvania;  Pennsylvania coal is all
> Carboniferous.

Let's see...dated the 2nd of April: this guy is just a little slow. 
Like 24 hrs.

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