10Sa RNA-Genetic Code Evol.

Jeffrey J. Huckaby huckabyj at minerva.cis.yale.edu
Sat Apr 6 19:58:20 EST 1996

Does anyone have any insight as to the implications of 10Sa RNA on the 
evolution of the genetic code?
FYI:  10Sa RNA contains a tRNA-like structure with an analine attached 
and a mRNA-like sequence which adds a degradation signal sequence to 
truncated mRNAs that are stalled during translation...

I think that it is hard to decide whether or not 10Sa RNA is a fossil 
from the RNA world or if it is a derived mechanism for eliminating 
abberant proteins....

If 10Sa RNA is ancient, then what does the coupling of a tRNA- and mRNA- 
molecule say about the evolution of protein synthesis in general and more 
specifically about the evolution of the genetic code?  


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