Mitochondrial Cytochrome c Identities

Edwin Stephen Wright eswright at NS.SYMPATICO.CA
Wed Apr 17 19:55:54 EST 1996

A review of protein sequence databases reveal a number of identical cytochrome c
sequences among different species, some within the same taxonomic genus, family or 
order, but at least one example within the mammalian class of identical cytochrome c 
sequences between two species of different taxonomic orders. The following are three 
examples of identical cytochrome c sequences:

1) PIR1:CCRT (Rat) and PIR1:CCRT (Mouse) --- (same taxonomic family, i.e. Muridae -
   Old World Rats and Mice)

2) PIR1:CCRS (Eastern Diamondblack Rattlesnake) and PIR1:CCRSW (Western Rattlesnake)
   --- (same taxonomic genus, i.e. Crotalus)
3) PIR1:CCWHC (California Gray Whale) and PIR1:CCCM (Arabian Camel) and
   PIR1:CCGW (Guanaco) --- (two different taxonomic orders, i.e. Mysticeta (Whale), 
   and Artiodactyls (Camel and Guanaco))

Does anyone know if any conclusions have been drawn from data pertaining to 
intra-species cytochrome c identities, i.e. can one infer that cytochrome c function
is essentially identical at least among species within the same taxonomic phylum?


Edwin Wright

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