Talk about an idiot...

David Iain Greig greig at resunix.ri.sickkids.on.ca
Sun Apr 21 20:32:07 EST 1996

edconrad (edconrad at postoffice.ptd.net) wrote:
:       Some fanatical crackpot lunatic is posting messages
:       on talk.origins, sci.bio.paleontology and alt.fan.fabius
:       insisting he has discovered petrified human bones between
:       anthracite veins in Pennsylvania's 280-million-year-old
:       Carboniferous strata.
:       I'm sure the men in the white coats will soon drop in and
:       cart him away _ and his idiotic postings will disappear
:       from the screen.
:       It's not even worth wandering over and reading his garbage.

As a fellow reader of talk.origins and this group, let me hasten to agree
with Ed here.  The crackpot claims to have found a human femur in a 
Carboniferous coal seam.  He sent it to some University in Georgia(?),
and their response was "well, no, it isn't a primate longbone,
it's structure is all wrong in cross-section".  Said crackpot is
now using this simple evaluation as the basis for a claim of
coverup - "they're AFRAID of the TRUTH!!!".

The funny thing is, the 'crackpot' in question is edconrad.
If you're into seeing someone being messily taken apart, mosey
over to talk.origins and watch Ed getting blown away.  (I call 
'em as I see  'em, Ed.)

He even has Ted Holden supporting him.  


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Followups set.

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