Talk about an idiot...

Jerry Learn learn at u.washington.edu
Sun Apr 21 20:38:39 EST 1996

In article <4lakem$3cs at ns2.ptd.net>, edconrad at postoffice.ptd.net
(edconrad) wrote:

>      Some fanatical crackpot lunatic is posting messages
>      on talk.origins, sci.bio.paleontology and alt.fan.fabius
>      insisting he has discovered petrified human bones between
>      anthracite veins in Pennsylvania's 280-million-year-old
>      Carboniferous strata.
>      I'm sure the men in the white coats will soon drop in and
>      cart him away _ and his idiotic postings will disappear
>      from the screen.
>      It's not even worth wandering over and reading his garbage.

So your point is...?

What does this have to do with molecular evolution?

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