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                                "WORM SIGN"

                            (Book worm that is.)

   You may have seen reports concerning research relating to magnetic fields.

  And noticed that the reason they have been described as "controversial",is
  because of a lack of what is known as a "Mechanistic model", or a working

  experimental model.  The information here-in, has the ability to take one

  passed the previous groping for a model, to the beginning of an under-


   Now, this initial understanding, that magnetic bacteria live inside our

  cells, can teach each person a way of life which will allow his body to

  maintain better health.  And focus the research work onto a path which will

  surely lead to still better health.

   Like nutrition, "Magnetrition" is something, that when a person uses its

  principles, he displays much better stewardship when it comes to the care 

  of the cells of his body.  Magnetrition takes the concept of exercise is 

  step forward.  With the understanding that exercise has been mans way of 

  avoiding the effects of magnetic deficiency syndrome, he becomes aware that

  his lifestile of movement in the earth's magnetic field has always been a 

  determining foctor in the equation of his health.

   The concept of magnetrition has been around for ten years.  But because
  its truth shows many to be wrong in their way of thinking, it has not been

  embraced by mankind. Poor leadership, or the prevention of good leadership,

  can be the only reason for the lack of magnetritions' beneficial effect on

  mankind.  Magnetrition causes many to rethink what they thought they



                            Good news for some.

                            Bad news for others.

   It now is shown that all lab animal experiments were flawed because the

  animals need to move about in the earth's magnetic field was not taken into

  account.  Like NASA, and all medical diagnoses up to now, something they

  were not aware of was playing an important part, but went unnoticed for

  many different reasons.  With the lab animal experiments, many researcher

  reported seeing what they and/or their supporters wanted to see.  They

  essentially led many into embracing their personal beliefs, or prejudices

  against others, by the deception of allowing their assessment to be

  referred to as proof.

   Systematically, man source of niacin has been shifted from the time

  honored tradition of smoking, to one controlled by those in the 

  pharmceutical industry.  Because those in the professional practice of 

  medicine stand to profit as niacin becomes a monetary issue for everyone, 

  we see it embraced by those known as doctors.  Without a person smoking, 

  he is left lacking, both physically and mentally.  This has led to many 

  embracing a lifestyle offered by religion.  A lifestyle which is group 

  oriented becomes helpful to those made lacking by the deception that 

  smoking is causing the effects of magnetic deficiency syndrome.

   Those who have embraced the deception that smoking is unhealthy, and have

  publicly denounced the tradition of smoking, not only helped to lead many
  astray, helped in the persecution of those keeping to the tradition, but 

  now prevents the benefits of magnetrition to all, by their unwillingness to

  admit to being wrong.  Poor health is the price for greed and ignorance.

    The following is from the book entitled; 

               for Students in General and Household Science


    fourth Edition Copyright, 1939. Previous Editions 1913,1921,and 1930.
                                          By THE MACMILLAN COMPANY


   -" 3. The Germ Theory of Fermentation and Decay.- Soon after it was

    discovered that many microorganisms were present in fermenting and

    decaying materials of all kinds, the question arose, Are these organisms

    fundamentally responsible for the changes going on, or are they simply

    attracted or possibly nourished by chemical changes which are proceeding

    quite independently of them?  In other words, it was asked, Do the

    bacteria produce the changes, or do the chemical changes which occur make

    the conditions favorable for the development of the bacteria?

      The work of CagniardRLatuor (1837) and of Schwann (1837) indicated the

    probable plant nature of yeast, and that alcoholic fermentation is due to

    the growth and activity of yeasts.  However, the idea that the microR

    0rganisms are incidental and not causal was upheld with great vigor by

    the celebrated German chemist Liebig.  He so dominated the field of

    chemistry in the period from 1840 to 1860 that relatively few scientists

    had the temerity to question his conclusions.  The French investigator

    Pasteur, however, from time to time published experimental results from

    which he concluded that microorganisms are the primary cause of most

    types of fermentations.  These conclusions were strenuously opposed by

    Liebig and his school, who ridiculed them as puerile and quite unworthy

    of serious consideration.  Pasteur, however, took the problems into the

    laboratory and continued to pile up evidence until finally he succeeded

    in showing quite conclusively that the alcoholic fermentation of sugars

    is commonly due to the presence of yeasts, the souring of milk and the

    transformation of wine into vinegar are due to the activity of bacteria."

   -" 4. The Germ Theory of Disease.- Certain philosophers of ancient Greece

    suggested that possibly minute worms or germs of some kind floating about

    in the air might be responsible for the production of disease.  There

    was, of course, no adequate proof of the validity of these suggestions,

    and in general they were disregarded until the work of Leeuwenhoek

    (already mentioned) demonstrated that tiny microorganisms were wideR

    spread.  Plenciz (1762) apparently was the first to state clearly a

    modern theory of the relationships of microorganisms to disease.  He

    claimed that each disease was caused by a particular kind of germ and

    that these germs could be carried from one person to another through

    the medium of the air.  However, the science of bacteriology had not

    developed to such a point in his day that it was possible to secure any

    adequate experimental proof for his theories.  They were, in other words,

    wholly speculative."

   -  The development of the germ theory of disease has quite completely

    revolutionized much of the practice of modern medicine.  It has deterR

    mined largely the direction and magnitude of growth of modern sanitary

    science and of preventive medicine."

   -Comment; By Alan E. Jackson.                     MOSES=SMOKING
                      A DEEP DIVE INTO HISTORY.

     The previous or subject statement is constructed in a unique manner.

   Most clearly can be recognized, is the flawed politically generated

   assessment of reality, and the way it directly opposes that held by a

   child of God.

     By the "Germ Theory of Disease" being voiced, evidence is given that a

   sufficient amount of data or knowledge was available to deduce the truth.

   And it was revealed.

     Now the reason as to why the truth was accepted, or made part of our

   lives, has to due with what has been viewed as politically important, or


     It is much easier for God, (the truth, the way, that which is

   educational), to be noticed, by one who gives much prayer, (thought), to

   what is taking place.

     The view of historical events, expressed in the subject statement,

   distinctly emphasizes the omission of the fact, that Jesus was shunned,

   and met with powerful political opposition when he began to put the Germ

   Theory of Disease to work in our lives.

                           Over time, we see this.

     Through the study of old stories, Jesus was able to recognize that the

   Jewish faith was based on deriving benefits from the use of the Germ

   Theory of Disease.  A degree of devotion toward understanding allowed

   Jesus to see that the Jewish leaders had only the words, and not the

   meaning, to a way of life, which had grown as passed from generation to


     With history recording that from time to time someone would gain an

   understanding from the records, and add a ritual to the lives of its

   people, Jesus realized that he was now the one for whom all was saved. He

   went to work using what he had learned from the force that guided the

   Jewish people, and directed their daily lives.

     The Jewish people didn't like the idea of sharing their practices,

   their faith, that which gave them better health then the others around

   them.  But history showed Jesus that even the Jewish people would gain a

   health advantage,(through lack of exposure), when all peoples practiced


     Smoke, rolling in ashes, circumcision, being careful with food, and

   sleeping in beds, these are some of the ways the Jewish people were known

   for.  They are ways that help one defend against bugs, big and small.  And

   sleeping up of the ground, not only kept man away from many bugs, but also

   improved ones resistance by preventing heat/energy loss into the ground.

     "The need for translating the heavenly tongue, each generation has it."

     Jesus is reported as having cured many illnesses that we now know are

   caused by small bugs.  And with the average person not yet having the word

   sleep in their vocabulary, we can see that 2,000 years ago the word dead

   was used, by most, to describe a person unconscious.

     So from the reports we can see that Jesus was going around finding

   people suffering from unsanitary conditions, sharing his faith with them,

   and many times making them more educate then the Jewish leaders (doctors).

     After Jesus left a sick person, the most obvious change in that persons

   life was that he now slept on a bed.  This was described by many as him

   having raised the dead (sleeping).

     With a correct, working method of healing, Jesus began to make to make

   those who attempted blindly to heal others, look bad.  The one who cared

   more about health them wealth, began to teach others his way, and they too

   so successful at their attempts at healing, this caused others professing

   a different reason, to perceive a threat.

     Evidence indicates that an understanding of bacteriology and its

   beginnings, must include the story of Jesus, and those of his faith that

   came before him.

     From:  Encyclopedia Americana, Rby Eric PartridgeR

   PIPE< Tobacco. "A tobacco pipe has been dully described as a bowl, to

   hold smoking tobacco, and a stem with a mouthpiece.  It is usually made

   wholly of baked clay or stone or predominantly of wood.  Less

   pedestrianly, the pipe is an instrument affording a soothing pleasure to

   pipe smokers and a profound mortification to all nonsmokers.  Smokers

   claim that pipe smoking is a healthy habit and it forms a wonderful

   disinfectant and safeguard against many ills and infections.  Nonsmokers

   assert that it is a filthy habit, almost as bad as cigarette smoking.

     One of the most interesting facts about tobacco pipes is that they have

   not only a fascinating cultural history but also an illuminating word

   history that renders the cultural history much more human."

                   In Preparation of; THE NEST.

         Greetings all hands:

         This is the Captain sending;

           As many of you are aware already, we have entered a sector

         of space previously unexplored by man, physically.

           During this short time since entering this new enviornment,

         we have become aware of health deficiencies in all crew

         members.  And the explanation as to the cause of these

         deficiencies, also shows that man has been suffering from these

         deficiencies, to a lesser degree, ever since man recognized

         poor health and short life as undesirables.

           I'm asking that all hands review this report, and submit any

         personal insight to ship's science officer.

           With your help in implementing warranted adjustments, magnetic

         deficiency syndrome will be a problem for mankind no longer.

           Please note, it is in the recognition and resolve of obstacles

         just such as this, that we find the reasoning behind exploration.

           Again, this is the Captain sending, thanks.

     Concept 1, condensed/abstract; Magnetotactic Bacteria.
                 Movement within earths' magnetic field thought to be
                instrumental throughout life cycle of typical cell.
                Magnetic bacteria seen as cause of cell division, and
                revealed hidden link in understanding evolution of the
                microscopic biological structure.

                        WITH CAUSE,
                        A THEORY,
                        EXPLAINING CELL DIVISION.

          A theoretical report containing recently formulated
        concepts derived from scientific assessment.

          This report attempts to place its reader in the shoes of its
        author as steps are retraced which have led one to believe he
        understands the cause of cell division, and thus benefit from
        such understanding.

          The purpose of this report is to share, and lay open for
        debate, a new perception of medicine, past, present, and future.

          Dedicated to: Those who have, do, or will study, to any degree.

         If we allow the dead to bury the dead,

             must we allow those alive to uncover life?

          The following thought filled pages/concepts, believed composed
        by the artful manipulation of preconceived ideas, guided by reason,
        requires intense scrutiny and debate before any or all information
        derived can be accepted as fact or fiction.

          WELCOME, you are about to come in contact with a thought matrix.
        Do not allow its scope or growth potential to intimidate "you", its
        traveler.  We will begin the journey through the matrix in the hope
        that the first points of reference are well known, and will give the
        traveler the feeling, as a child leaving his yard to explore the

          I will attempt to guide you on a predetermined course.  please feel
        free to request course deviation to explore points of interest.  Once
        you feel at ease, we encourage independent travel.

         To begin, READ-ON, and thank-you for traveling;
                     THOUGHT MINISTRIES,

     The following article is from;
         THE NEWS-TIMES, Morehead City-beaufort, N.C.
             Monday, Nov. 11, 1985.


                               BY JOHN HACKNEY, News-Times Staff Writer.

      ALAN JACKSON, Morehead City, fancies himself as a backyard philosopher.
    He spends a lot of hours reading books, magazines and research papers
    trying to understand just why certain things are the way they are.

      Mr. Jackson's most recent research has yielded an astounding theory;
    that movement is as important as nourishment to human beings.  He came to
    that conclusion based on the behavior of magnetic bacteria.

      He also believes these bacteria may be responsible for cell division.

      "I think movement through the earth's magnetic field is as important as

      MR. JACKSON, 32, left high school at the age of 17 to join the Marine
    Corp.  He spent four years at Cherry Point, during which time he earned
    general education development (G.E.D.) degree and took college preparatory
    courses in various fields.

      Since leaving Cherry Point, he has held jobs with Hatsel Electric Co.;
    with Conner Homes as an electrician; with Carteret Court Apartments, as
    maintenance supervisor; and at Sea Coast Refrigeration.  He has also taken
    several college courses at Carteret Technical College.

      MR. JACKSON believes the earth's magnetic field is generated by molten
    lava rotating in the earth's core.  The lava moves in the opposite
    direction of the earth itself, thus creating such a field.

      "If we go to other planets, and no molten lava is flowing under the
    surface to create a magnetic field, the chances of finding life as we 
    know it is slim."

      Without flux lines, the magnetic bacteria would have no guide to food.
    "we can't live without flux lines," he said.

      Based on his unguessable research, Mr. Jackson theorizes that magnetic
    bacteria in cells follow flux lines within the geomagnetic field to get
    iron, which is there source of nourishment.

      DR. RICHARD P. BLAKEMORE, a scientist at the University of New   
    Hampshire, has said that amorphous cells (cells without form) accumulate 
    a great deal of iron from outside cell walls to produce magnetic 

      Mr. Jackson believes it is more then a coincidence that humans need iron
    supplement to exist.

      SCIENTISTS know that bacteria collect and store iron, but they have yet
    to discover how.  Mr. Jackson thinks magnetic bacteria swim inside
    individual cells within the body to get iron, possibly from the exterior
    walls of the cell nucleus or from the outer walls of the cell itself.

      He contends the bacteria move within the cell according to the body's
    orientation to magnetic flux lines.  It has been shown that magnetic
    bacteria in the northern hemisphere migrate along flex lines in a
    northerly fashion, while magnetic bacteria in the southern hemisphere
    move south

      THE NUMBERS of north-seeking and south-seeking magnetic bacteria at
    the equator have been proven equal, indicating the effect of flux lines
    on bacteria.

      Dr. Blakemore and Dr. Richard B. Frankel of the Massachusetts Institute
    of Technology wrote that "magnetotactic bacteria are bottom-dwelling
    organisms that are either anaerobic (capable of living only in the absence
    of oxygen) or microaerophilic (surviving best in environments with little

      Therefore, they theorize, these bacteria would have a tendency to
    migrate downward, depending on their location, because "it would help
    them to avoid toxic effects of the greater concentration of oxygen in
    surface water."

      Mr. Jackson believes all people are essentially addicted to movement.
    An april 1979 article in Omni magazine cited the deterioration of
    astronauts' bones after periods of inactivity or weightlessness.

      THIS DETERIORATION of bones, called osteoporosis, is thought by most
    to be associated with lack of gravitational forces in space.

      Mr. Jackson thinks it is caused by the body having almost no
    orientation to the earth's magnetic field (or to north and south poles).
    Wiring within the spaceship may create some magnetism, but no definite
    poles, from which bacteria can orient themselves.

      WITHOUT bodily movement, magnetic bacteria cannot move in the cell
    along magnetic flux lines.  Mr. Jackson said that was the reason chicken
    eggs, if not moved after being laid, would deteriorate.  Without
    movement, the bacteria cannot constantly reorient themselves and move, 
    and are left in a mass on one side of the cell.

      It is the movement of those bacteria that is important to cellular
    growth.  He said cells were important to both tissues and bone growth
    in the body, thus accounting for the deterioration of bones found in

      HE THINKS further experiments might show that astronauts have some
    deterioration of all tissues.

      Mr. Jackson said all people, young and old, are indirectly affected
    by magnetic bacteria. He thinks indians used to carry their papooses
    (babies) on their backs to keep them moving and thus indirectly helping
    the body grow.

      HE ALSO believes crib death of babies is caused from lack of movement.
    He said babies do not have the muscle coordination necessary to move
    themselves when first born.  If the are not moved, the magnetic bacteria
    will be essentially immobile and not be able to set many body function in

      MR. JACKSON also believes lack of movement may be the reason bones
    and other tissues begin to fade as people get older and inactive.  The
    less movement, the less the body will grow.

      He added that one experiment exemplified how magnetic bacteria could be
    degaussed (or rendered neutral in magnetism) through the application of
    heat. He has seized on this to theorize the reason for the basis of
    cellular life.

      MR. JACKSON believes that as human cells age , magnetic bacteria and
    other bacteria crowd the cells, creating excess friction or heat (thermal
    energy), which effectively demagnetizes magnetic bacteria for a moment,
    causing half the bacteria to lose their orientation to flux lines and
    head in the opposite direction.  This intense action may cause cells to

      He believes that scientists may have overlooked the fact that magnetic
    bacteria heading in opposite directions may cause DNA (dioxyribo nucleic
    acid) molecules in the cell nucleus to split.  DNA is associated with
    the transmission of genes in all living things. THE END.

     COMMENT;  By Alan E. Jackson.

        If the magnetic bacteria, that seems to be found everywhere the
     scientist decides to look, can be found in every cell of the body,
     things start to make sense, and an understanding of how cells evolved
     and reproduce, may be increased.

        Imagine, life may have begun to group into cells in the ocean
     after a symbiotic relationship occurred between magnetic bacteria
     and a one celled organism.  In an act similar to the sperm penetrating
     the egg in animal reproduction, magnetic bacteria entered into a cell 
     and found conditions that could sustain its life.  After being supplied 
     with its needs, (iron, and/or by-product), the magnetic bacteria along 
     with the other components of the cell will begin to reproduce.  The
     movement and individual component functioning increases.  The increasing
     friction causes the temperature to be always on the rise.  When the
     temperature reaches a certain point, the thermo-active qualities are
     triggered in the magnetic bacteria.  Half the population of bacteria
     head north, the other half go south.  As this happens, the dna and other
     components of the cell are halved and pulled apart by the magnetic
     bacteria seeking its prospective magnetic pole, causing the cell to

        The magnetic bacteria, (or smaller form of), may also produce a
     static charge as it swims/navigates within the cell, which could be
     used by different type cells in various ways.  The charge could later
     be used to produce magnetic fields/poles when needed, for a period of
     time, when the cell itself is not reorientating in a magnetic field.

        The magnetic bacteria may rebuild the walls of the nucleus, (or aid
     in building nucleus and cell walls), after a cell divides.

         CONCLUSION:  Drawn by Alan E. Jackson.

        Animal life began in the ocean, came out onto the land,and then
     into the trees.  After years in the trees, pre-man came down out of
     the trees and began to copy other animals.  Through education, Jesus
     was able to reason that man was not made/able to sleep on the ground
     like other animals, and used the bed to raise and insulate man from
     from heat loss while sleeping.

        Man may need an artificial, shifting magnetic field, when not
     reorientating in one.


            B)  THE M.C.C. DEVICE.

            C)  THE MAGNETIC BED.

    As people become aware of the fact, that the many cells of their
  body require movement in relation to a magnetic field, many will
  begin to realize the benefits of insuring such movement, (when in
  doubt), by utilizing a M.C.C. device.

    The M.C.C. device will enable a person to create a more perfect
  environment, and this advantage will show itself most in the
  prevention, or rapid recovery from, a medical disorder.  As
  important as meals and a warm room, the M.C.C. device insures that
  a persons cells are moving in relation to a definite magnetic
  field, thus compensating for immobility, due to injury or
  treatment of an illness.  And insuring the best or strongest cell
  growth in areas of the body such as the immune system.

                 THE SINGLE MOST REASON, SO FAR.

           Lately, it has come to mind, that the attachment of a
         magnet to the egg of a bird, should represent the inability
         to move about, or be moved about in relation to a external
         magnetic field.  The constant field relationship would cause
         the immobility, within the cell, of any magnetically driven
         movement, weather it be that of life form or not.  This lack
         of movement should reduce the dynamic production of electricity,
         which would prevent the normal cell growth within the egg.

           Such an act, as described, above, should be seen as the same
         as not turning, or moving a egg after it has been laid.  And I
         believe that by seeing the egg as a cell, or group of cells can
         point out the importance of our movement.

           Our movement seems best when we turn 180, as to that of our
         last heading or bearing, with respect to a compass, and to do
         so with set frequency within a set time frame.

           The fact that the earth's magnetic field is moving around us,
         and that this movement is not always as much, as at other times,
         needs to be taken into account when the movement, within a
         magnetic field, of different cell types is being assessed.

      Introducing "MAGNETRITION"; a term describing the process by which

     magnetism is utilized boilogically.  Awaiting mankind's acceptance,

     the study of magnetrition offers man a healthier and longer life.

     This new knowledge concerning mans' magnetritional needs, when

     utilized, will represent a maturization milestone in the history of


       The assessment of research presents these facts;

     l.  Magnetic bacteria use the properties of a magnetic field in order

         to form a chain of magnetite within its' body, from the iron it


     2.  Magnetic bacteria use the properties of a magnetic field in order

         to migrate magneticly.

     3.  Magnetic bacteria live and die within the cells of our body.

     4.  Magnetic bacteria not having its' needs met, as it attempts its'

         functions within our cells, leads to the deterioration of body 


     5.  Astronauts are now recognized as suffering from magnetic deficiency

         syndrome, brought about by the needs of magnetic bacteria, (within

         their cells), not being met while outside the earth's magnetic field.

     6.  A prolonged state of inactivity of magnetic bacteria within cells,

         such as when a bird's egg is not turned, or an infant is not carried,

         leads to energy levels too low to maintain life.

     7.  Periodic exposure to the magnetic field produced by A/C voltage

         causes poorly formed nuclear envelopes, within cells.

     8.  Through the proper use of magnetic fields, man may now achieve a

         higher degree of wellbeing, and travel farther through both time

         and space.


    If you also find the info interesting, please share it with others.
   The effect of education, on the people around you, will make your life
   better. In many ways.
                                   At your service,
                                   Alan E. Jackson
                             (Learning Leads To Learning)

                         LIKE HE DID WITH FIRE.

   If a person begins to show signs of digression, by trying to tell you
  the tradition of smoking is harmful, there is a way you can help them. 
   Help them brake away from the herdRlike mentality that they have adopted
    by showing them how you have gained awareness through a personal 
               relationship with that which is educational. 
   Soon they will again be active members of the human race.  Seeking
     wisdom and knowledge as if it were gold and silver.  Instead of a pat
                  on the head from members of a herd. 
                          DID  YOU  KNOW??? 
   NIACIN = Nicotinic acid-Biochem.  A colorless, water soluble compound, 
    C6 H5 O2, prepared by the oxidation of nicotine and forming part of 
                  the vita min B complex, used to prevent pellagra. 
   PELLAGRA- PATHOL.  A disease characterized by gastric disturbance,
      skin eruptions, etc..., caused by a deficiency of nicotinic acid. 
        From:  Encyclopedia Americana, -by Eric Partridge- 
   PIPE< Tobacco. "A tobacco pipe has been dully described as a bowl, to
     hold smoking tobacco, and a stem with a mouthpiece.  It is usually
     made wholly of baked clay or ston e or predominantly of wood.  Less 
     pedestrianly, the pipe is an instrument affording a soothing pleasure 
     to pipesmokers and a profound mortification to all nonsmokers.  
     Smokers claim that pi pe smoking is ahealthy habit and it forms a 
     wonderful disinfectant and safeguard against many ills and infections.
     Nonsmokers assert that it is a filthy habit, almost as bad as 
     cigarette smoking.

     One of the most interesting facts about tobacco pipes is that they 
     have not only a fascinating cultural history but also an illuminating 
     word history that renders the cultural history much more human."
   Astronauts are now recognized as suffering from magnetic deficiency
    syndrome, brought about by the needs of magnetic bacteria, (within 
    their cells), not being met while outside the earth's magnetic field. 
   A prolonged state of inactivity of magnetic bacteria within cells, such
     as when a bird's egg is not turned, or an infant is not carried, leads 
                to energy levels too low to maintain life.
   Periodic exposure to the magnetic field produced by A/C voltage causes
              poorly formed nuclear envelopes, within cells.

                    SMOKING-USE IT-DON'T ABUSE IT

                         "HIGHER THOUGHTS"
                         History (not religion).

    In order to gain the fullest understanding from what is about to be
  shared, one must keep these basic principles in mind.

    A) The growth of vocabulary leads to more complex thought.
    B) God = That which is educational.
    C) The God of Moses and Jesus was not like the god Zeus.

    The term God was used by Moses and Jesus to describe the effects that
  words have in our lives.  The term, "That which is educational", can be
  used whenever the term God has been used, and be of great help when trying
  to gain an understanding from recorded history.  This concept is not new,
  just updated a little.  It is the same as saying, "In the beginning was the
  word, and the word was with God, and the word was God".  Understanding that
  the word was God, allows you to use the term "the word" in place of the term
  "God". Thus, "and the word was with the word", God was with God,meaning, the
  meaning of the word is God as well.  The term, "That which is educational",
  allows for both "The word", and "Its meaning", to be referred too.  What
  John was doing with the statement, "In the beginning...", was guiding people
  to see that Moses and Jesus were serving words and there meanings.  Which
  today, since the growth of vocabulary offers more complex thought, can be
  better understood today as, Moses and Jesus were serving "That which is

    These Words should not be changed in the original form. To do so would
  make the growth of vocabulary less evident.

    Ref:A,  In the wilderness the Israelites were plagued by fiery serpents.
          They were probably so called from the intense burning pain of their
          bite. The brazen serpent was made by Moses at the command of God to
          heal those who were so troubled. This was preserved till the time
          Hezekiah, when it was destroyed because it had become an object of
          (From: CRUDEN'S COMPLETE CONCORDANCE. 1977, page 582.
          Zondervan books).

    Ref:B,  He removed the high places, and brake the images, and cut down the
          groves, and brake in pieces the brasen serpent that Moses had made:
          for unto those days the children of Israel did burn incense to it;
          and he called it Nehushtan.
          (From: The Holy Bible, King James Version. 2 Kings 18:4).

                     New centurys resolution.
                     Like the brake-up of AT+T.

    Moses was sent for.  He returned to Egypt.  The Israelites began a long
  journey.  It was pretty much a military operation, where people were formed
  into groups.  The groups were assigned different tasks, and each group had
  guide posts that the members of a group would associate themselves with.
  This is still used today as a method of organizing large numbers of people.

    As the Israelites traveled around in the wilderness, problems arose,
  and people were assigned the task of dealing with them.  Time past, the
  occurrence of snake bite finally worked itself to a position of importance,
  to were it was something that the Israelites could allocate some of its
  resources to.  A group was formed to deal with this health problem, because
  the lifestyle of each Israelite was built around a specific task, which was
  deemed necessary to the well being of the overall group.  Thus, most people
  were needed at there daily tasks, to busy to stop what they were doing and
  look into ways of dealing with the problem of snake bite.

    The group which was assigned the task of dealing with snake bite, had the
  brasen serpent as their mascot.  The members of this group were known
  to all others by this symbol, and the Israelites began to look to the brasen
  serpent for help in health matters, and were given a form of insurance,
  represented by the image of the brazen serpent.

      "That which was educational, was not given its rightful place"

    Time past some more, and the size of the many different groups increased
  as the population of the Israelites did.  For the Israelites, the task of
  staying alive in the wilderness had change to that of building a permanently
  located community.  The need to grow and advance became not so obvious, and
  what he call politics, the selfRserving goals of the many groups had begun
  to take root within society.

    The original intent was that the different groups would be afforded the
  study time in which they could seek understanding in their particular field,
  and then share the knowledge obtained with everyone.  This would allow, or
  uphold, a personal relationship between each person and "that which is
  educational", (God).

    When Hezekiah came on the scene, he became aware that the many monopolies
  were keeping the people dependant on them through the control of the knowR
  ledge that they were in possession of, that the people were in need of.
  New ideas were playing a roll in politics rather then the lives of all
  peoples.  Hezekiah recognized this as to be hindering the growth of his
  people, his ability to lead the people in the way "that which is
  educational", (God), showed him they should go.

    The term destroyed, (in Ref:A), is incorrect, and has been misleading,
  helping history to repeat itself.  Hezekiah did not destroy the medical
  community, but broke it in pieces, took away some of its power over the
  people.  Hezekiah saw that the Israelites were suffering from the bite of
  the brasen serpent.  His diagnosis and prescription has been recorded for
  future use. Thank "that which is educational", for we are in need of this
  prescription now, again.  The brasen serpent has again gotting out of hand.
  And there it presents a clear danger to all.

                                           At your service,
                                           Alan E. Jackson
                                      (Learning Leads To Living)
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