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Xuhua Xia xxia1 at unix1.sncc.lsu.edu
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Newamul K Khan (khann at gladstone.uoregon.edu) wrote:
: Hi, Im currently a molecular biology major at the University of Oregon. I 
: am thinking of switching to physics and engineering (3 - 2 program  in 
: atmospheric or astrophysics and aerospace aeronautics?).  In any case, I 
: will want to embark on some scientific career.  I was curious if I there 
: are any scientists out there (Biologists, Engineers, Physicists, 
: Chemists) who would like to share their stories about their career choice 
: and what affect it has had on their life.  
: What would they do different etc....

When there is a change of something, we call it a mutation, which
generally is believed to be deleterious.

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