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>>>I'd like to put the following two propositions concerning NH treefiles
>>>to the public for discussion:
>>>a) Sometimes you need to draw a tree with edge lengths *and* 
>> corresponding boots
>> //stuff deleted
>> Korbinian, CLUSTALW and TREEVIEW both handle bootstrap values and branch 
>> lengths simultaneously.  The branch lengths is given after a ":", the 
>> bootstrap values are given as "internal labels" directly after the closing 
>> parenthesis of the pertaining group.
>> 		Peter
> With Clustal W we followed
> the "extended" NH format used by TREETOOL to allow the
> bootstrap values to be included in the files (as labels).  This format is also
> used by NJplot by Manolo Gouy.   It is nice because it allows one
> to print the bootstrap values in convenient places but is not
> nice becase it is not a "standard" format.    The great thing
> about using the NH format in the first place is that other packages
> (especially PHYLIP) can share your trees.  This breaks down if people
> start using different "flavours".  
> Joe Felsenstein mentions in a different followup post that you could use
> the proposed label format of NH to do this.  That would indeed keep
> us all happy as long as everyone switched to it.  Go to it Joe :-).

Sorry, me again (now I am talking to myself).  I read what Joe said again
and it looks like those labels were always in the NH format.  The problem
is finding the format definition.  


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