GUSTAVO PALACIOS ustavopa at interserver.com.ar
Mon Apr 29 23:12:18 EST 1996

I want to know if there are some program who can predict the
 electrophoretical properties of a DNA fragment in an SSCP assay.
 I am interested in know what happen in the conformational properties of a single strand
molecule of DNA if there is a mutation unexpected in a sector under analisys ?. 
 I want to explain more about my thought. I want to use this assay to discriminate between viral strains. 
I know that the PCR fragment that I have amplified have enough distance between this strains and that when other
people have made the assay with CDC strains (Prototypes) the assay could discriminate, but if I have a field strain 
with a few mutations in the fragment amplified, what could happen ?. Have I another way to know that making all the
setup of the assay to then look if It works ?
Please, give me some ideas !!!!.

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<p><b>Universidad de Buenos Aires&nbsp;</b></p>

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