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A possible origin of the Double-helix of life.
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Mother  Nature: Why is it that you think you have discovered the origin of the shape of the DNA 

Father  Time: I decided at a very early age that I was  going to devote my mind to a complete 
understanding of how it happened that I arrived into existence. 

Mother Nature: Just what is it that you "figured out?"

Father  Time: I have deduced that the formation of the DNA  molecule's  helical shape is the result 
of atoms filling the vacuum of a confluence of a gravitational vortex trail produced by  the mass of 
the moon and the earth as they travel in a pair around the sun.  
Mother Nature: Perhaps you should explain why you believe this to be  the cause of the double 
helical form of the DNA molecule in more specific terms.

Father  Time: In many ways the explanation is simple and in  many ways explaining the process is 
complex; probably the best method of explaining it is analogies that are familiar from everyday life.  
A little later in this interview, I will give a more explicit explanation in terms of the formula 
E=MC2. I will try to develop a few analogies and then start with the phenomenon  known as the 
Big Bang and work from there. 

 First, an explanation of how a helical shape is defined:  'It is a three dimensional curve that lies on a 
cylinder or cone and cuts the elements at a constant angle.' That is the dictionary definition. A good 
example would be a common coiled spring  stretched with tension and then reverts to its original 
shape when the stretching force is removed.

Second, an explanation of how a spiral shape is defined: "The three dimensional locus of a point 
moving parallel to and about a central  axis at a constant or continuously varying  distance,  a 
helix". An example of a spiral shape in nature would be a  cross section of  the mollusk shell, the 
nautilus. A combination of these two definitions is a helix that follows a spiral shape. This is the 
shape of the DNA molecule, a spiral helix. I might add that the definition of the word 'locus' is: 'The 
set or configuration of all points satisfying specified geometric conditions, the position that a gene 
occupies on a chromosome.'

Mother Nature: What does that have to do with the earth, the moon, and the  formation of the 
shape of the DNA molecule?.

Father  Time: At this point a simple explanation of  the  formula E=MC2 is necessary as it is 
essential to the explanation of  this theory. The E represents energy, the M represents mass, and  C 
represents  the speed of light. This is the famous  formula of Albert  Einstein  that relates to the 
equivalence of energy and mass. Before I get into a detailed discussion about its application to this 
theory, it is necessary to discuss cosmology and the beginnings of  the universe itself, to the extent  
we  presently understand. People who read about the origins of the universe are familiar with the  
term the Big Bang. This theory is based upon the Doppler effect: an apparent change in the 
frequency of waves, sound or light, occurring when the source and observer approach one another  
and decreasing when they move apart.  By observing that  the motions of distant galaxies increase  
their distances from all other galaxies as time progresses, we can assume that galaxies always have 
expanded away from each other. Galaxies are composed of atoms and the space between atoms. By 
observing the relative speeds and directions of these galaxies, it is possible to determine the relative 
positions at an earlier time in  space. Reversing  the  process back to 'zero time' or a point  in  space 
when all the galaxies would have a common origin, would  indicate a location in space that would 
be the common origin of all atoms. Atoms are mass, possibly the result of energy that 'runs out  of 
energy.'  This conversion occurs at the speed of  light, 186,000 miles per second squared. This 
implies a source of original energy, believed by some to be the result of a random collision of two 
event horizons from two black holes. 
This  is refereed to as the Big Bang Theory. Thus the  universe as we presently understand it, 
started with a tremendous effusion of energy that has been expanding as energy from this 'point'  of 
origin. This energy continues to 'expand' from this point measured at the temperature of 3 degrees 
Kelvin, at a wave length of 7.3 centimeters, or 4080mc/s. Energy is the word  used to describe the 
force that continues the expansion of  the  elements of the universe. It could be possible that when 
this energy 'runs out of energy', it converts into mass at the rate of change of  186,000 miles per 
second squared. When this point of  conversion occurs, the first mass, the Hydrogen atom, forms.  
Hydrogen now becomes a point of mass that is a locus point of gravitational  energy and  begins of 
a series of mass additions that culminates with the heaviest natural atom, Uranium.

I believe that mentally dividing the universe into systems of logical scenarios is a convenient way to 
understand systems in nature. We can mentally divide the forces of the universe  into 1) expansion 
forces, energy, and 2) contraction forces,  gravity, the  natural  phenomenon of attraction between  
two masses. The contraction  force,  gravity, builds up the atoms,  the building blocks of  
molecules, including DNA. Thus the force of gravity acts to form the shape of atoms and then 

Think of a graph in which a curve rises, the energy curve, to point labeled C2 and then down again, 
the mass curve. At the top of the curve would be Hydrogen; as temperature decreases to 3 degrees  
Kelvin, Uranium. The Y axis being temperature,  the X axis, time. The 0,0 point  represents the Big 
This  graph presents a unique opportunity to define the word time as the difference between energy 
levels and the shape of a particular mass (mass defined as the equivalence of weight, as in molecular 
weight). A good example would be placing an ice cube in a cup and noting its shape change with 
increasing  temperature. An essential understanding of correct definitions is important to this theory 
and nothing is more ambiguous in the English language than the definition of time. An aspect that is 
very important  in any  study of natural science is that the universe is cohesive. There is not one 
atom in the universe that is free to assume  the position that it pleases. This limitation is an essential 
feature of the universe, and is the reasoning behind the idea that it  is the  intertwining  of the 
moon's gravity trail and the earth's gravity trail that produces the shape of the helical vacuum  into 
which the atoms that comprise the DNA molecule follow.

Mother Nature: That is very interesting. How does the formula E=MC2 fit into this theory? 

Father  Time: This formula equates energy and mass to be the same, that is, interchangeable. In 
common terms, mass could  be energy  that  'runs out of energy' and converts to a stable  form, 
atoms, at the rate of change of 186,000 miles per second squared. A common example of this 
reaction in reverse is the atom bomb where a small amount of mass (Uranium)converts into energy. 
This  formula allows us to think differently about the moon and the earth in that it allows each to be  
forms of energy, rather than forms of mass. For example, think of  the earth as a round form of 
energy, like a soap bubble, and the moon as mass.

This allows interesting ideas to be considered. With a little imagination, lower the moon onto the 
earth at the North Pole. The earth,  now being a soap bubble of energy, has the weight of  the moon 
on its' surface. By slowly allowing the moon to 'indent' the surface gravity of  the earth, our soap 
bubble now has a new shape, a shape uniformly found in biological growth in the early stages of 
embryological development, similar to the air chamber in a chicken egg with the shell removed. In 
more complex embryological development, this indentation precedes the formation of the neural 
groove, eventually leading to the development of  the central nervous system in vertebrate animals.

I  would like  to get back to a little cosmology again as  it is  important to understand the influence 
of cohesiveness in  the universe and its relationship to the formation of the DNA  molecule.  By 
using the logic within the formula E=MC2 certain  ideas can be employed to understand better the 

forces within the universe. Since the universe is a force, this force can be divided into different 
force systems, first order force  systems, second order force systems, third order force systems, etc. 
These can be further subdivided into first-second order force systems,  second- second order force 
systems, etc. 

The  first-first order force system would be the random collision of the two event horizons of the 
two black holes that resulted in the effusion of energy referred to as the Big Bang: the second-first  
order force system. The third-second order force system  would be gravity, allowing the conversion 
of this energy into mass, starting with the Hydrogen atom.

Now  think for a moment that you are on an intergalactic mission approaching the Milky Way 
Galaxy. From your window you see a vast array of photons twinkling in the distance and having  
the shape of a spiral ending in a circular shape of  darkness,  the black hole in the center of our 
galaxy. As you scan this  galaxy, you spot a local area of one Sun and nine planets.

You decide to visit this local system of mass-energy that you now  call the Solar  System. Deciding 
to concentrate your attention on this local system you report to your superiors what  you have  
discovered. Hovering over the Solar System you decide to take some time frame photos and 
concentrate on the fifth largest planet and study it in terms of gravitational physics. You  find that  
this  planet called earth has a smaller mass system, the moon. The moon revolves around the earth 
and both revolve around the Sun. You decide that the Sun is a typical star, that  is, a furnace fusing 
Hydrogen into Helium, with the resultant  production of  electromagnetic energy. You decide to 
stay above this triad of the Sun, earth, and moon, and use the Space-Shape Analyzer to study this 

Mother Nature: What is a Space-Shape Analyzer?

Father Time: A Space-Shape Analyzer is a hypothetical concept in computer programming. It 
provides a concept of what is meant by changes in shape over time. Referring to our ice cube, when  
you remove it from the refrigerator it has a certain shape. When you place it in a cup, as the 
temperature increases over time, it's shape changes. What occurs is a change in state from a solid to 
a liquid as function of increasing temperature over time. 

Mother  Nature: Of what use is the concept of a Space-Shape  Analyzer?

Father Time: A Space-Shape Analyzer can be computer program that allows us to observe how 
mass changes shape. According to the formula E=MC2, energy and mass are equivalent and thus 
can be can studied interchangeably. You can label them as earth-energy(EE), moon-energy(ME),  
and Sun-energy(SE).You can focus on our  three energy systems and record what happens. You 
push  the constant temperature mode so that only motion is studied and use the Sun as a reference 
point. Now you observe what is happening with the three energy systems. Soon you realize that a 
constant change of location is occurring. The earth travels in a near circular path around the Sun, 
and the moon travels in a helical path around the earth, always staying close to the earth at a near  
constant distance from it.


With  the  Sun as the reference point you observe the near circular path of the earth. You press the 
EE delete button and subtract the earth and study the path of the moon alone. It  is the path of the 
moon in the fourth dimension that is so important to this theory. 

First we note the general path and then the specific path of the moon. The general path is that of a 
circle, following the path of the earth. The second important aspect of the moon's path is that it 
forms a helical shape following the path of the earth's circular orbit. The diagram above should 
illustrate this shape correlation.

With our Space-Shape Analyzer, we push our Space-Shape Decoder button. We can now correlate 
interesting ideas with our data. We can make the earth an energy field and the moon a mass field.
Starting with the earth as an energy field and the moon a mass field, we can lower the mass of the 
moon upon the earth's energy field, producing a hyperbolic curve. This would be true at any  point 
on the EE field, however we will drop the moon on  the magnetic North Pole. Now let's study this 
shape and compare it to biological models. Biologists study the cell, the basic  package of  all  life,  
and its development into the various forms and shapes of living tissues.

Mother Nature: How do you correlate this with biology?

Father Time:  Imagining the earth as an Ovum,  you can trace biological development according to 
scientific principles, especially the electromagnetic's of its' surface gravity. Biological growth and 
development follows fundamental principles that can be compared with established knowledge in 
other scientific disciplines. Tracing the growth of any multicelluar organism, starting with the 
Ovum, which is spherical, you can observe its division forming two daughter cells, then four, then 
eight, etc., on a geometric progression, and then into the mathematics of logarithmic progression. 
This eventual development of tissues and their shapes is called morphogenesis. 

Thinking of the earth as a soap bubble of magnetic energy, we have an interesting model to work 
with: a round magnetic field representing the earth as an energy field, the moon as mass over the 
earth, and the Sun, with the black hole in the center of  the galaxy pulling this system toward it. In 
order to correlate the general theory that atoms filling in the vortex of  intertwining gravity trails of 
the earth and the moon that are responsible for the formation of the shape of the DNA molecule, it 
is helpful to show examples of the moon's influence upon biological growth patterns, which I will 
do in this article. One of the tenets of this theory is based upon the model of DNA as a double helix  
and the shape of the path of the moon around the earth producing confluence of  intertwining  
gravity trails into which atoms follow, producing the double helix of DNA.
Suppose that instead of a round earth, our Space-Shape Analyzer computes a  series of round 
earth's forming a circle around the Sun, making the pattern of a continuous circles of  mass-spheres. 
By  having  the  moon also a continuous series of  mass-spheres following its path around these 
earth spheres, we have an analogy of a braided rope, with a large and small strand. If we 
miniaturize this model down to the size of molecules, we have a double helix of atoms, the shape of 
the DNA molecule.

Mother Nature: That makes sense. However, it does not prove that the formation of DNA occurred 
because of the rotation of the moon around the earth and their intertwining gravity trails.   

Father Time: Thinking in terms of electromagnetic's, we find  that the stream of electromagnetic 
particles being emitted by the Sun interacts with the iron core of the earth producing the Magneto 
sphere. This field of energy is shaped like a teardrop with the tail extending downwind from the 
Sun, and is pulled eventually into the black hole. The inner zone of this field consists of high energy 
protons and reaches a maximum intensity at 3000 miles outward  from the earth. The outer zone 
consists of  high energy electrons that are strongly affected by activity on the Sun, with a  maximum 
intensity at 10,000 miles behind the earth. Using  the path of the center of the earth as a circle 
around the Sun, let's trace out the path of the moon's gravity trail through this downwind field of 
protons and electrons as they are pulled toward the black hole. We find the helical gravity trail of 
the moon and earth effecting this mixture of electrons and  protons. Since gravity overwhelms the 
electric force, this gravity trail produces a force that the protons and electrons must  follow. The 
mass of the moon produces a disturbance 'downwind' in the Magnetosphere's tail. Thus the trailing 
gravity fields of the earth and the moon affect the locations of the electrons and  protons, producing 
a 'mold' into which these subatomic elements are forced together. 

Mother  Nature: How does this concept integrate into biological systems?

Father  Time: It is an unappreciated fact that magnetism affects biological growth and development 
in all living systems, starting with the first cell, the Ovum, and its atoms. Using this hypothetical 
model of  biological activity, many parallels correlating the near 28 day cycle of the moon with 
biological cycles have previously been documented.

If we think of this earth-ovum model as a round energy field with magnetic lines of longitude and 
latitude, and compare it to the process of mitosis, we have a very interesting model. Mitosis is the 
sequential differentiation and segregation of replicating chromosomes in the cell nucleus that 
precedes cell division. Thinking of the earth-ovum as a soap bubble with magnetic lines from the 
South Pole to the North Pole, we can examine the process of mitosis with atoms following these 
magnetic lines, implicating the role of the moon  in biological development.     

The uninterrupted flow of electromagnetic particles from the Sun to the surface gravity magnetics 
of the earth is blocked by the presence of the moon. This occurs especially during a total eclipse. If 
we place the moon directly between the Sun and the earth, we block this flow of electromagnetic 
energy from the Sun,  producing a net implosion effect upon the surface gravity magnetics of  the 
earth. Were we to send the moon down to the surface of the earth, we would produce a hyperbolic 
depression,  which the earth's surface gravity magnetics would follow.
Now  let's use the iron core of the earth to represent the nucleus of the cell and follow the process 
of mitosis, the genetic operation in which DNA replicates itself as the Ovum divides into the first  
two daughter cells. At the beginning of  this process, the centrioles start to migrate toward the top 
and bottom of the nucleus, following the lines of longitude. Spindle fibers form between the 
centrioles, following patters of magnetic lines of longitude and latitude, with the centrioles giving  
off short radiating fibers called asters. ( It's a little far out  to think  so,  however  I believe these 
aster  formations  link  the distant gravitational influences of constellations to chromosomal 
formation, making the connection between astrology and biology.)  During this phase the nuclear 
material,  called  chromatin, shortens and  thickens to form distinct chromosomes as highly coiled  
structures with each chromosome having a center called a centromere. During the next stage, 
Metaphase,  each chromosome links at a 90 degree angle at its centromere to the  longitudinal line  
of the spindle at  the equatorial center of the  cell.  Each half of the chromosome, called a 
chromatid, lies roughly parallel to each other in a north-south direction. In the next  stage, 
Anaphase, the centromeres divide. This allows the sister chromatids to separate, moving to 
opposite ends of the spindle, insuring  that each daughter cell receives a copy of each  chromosome. 
During  the last phase, Teleophase, the nuclear envelope reforms around  the  chromosomes which 
dissembles into chromatin. This basic process of mitosis gives an analogy of atoms in DNA  to 
follow  the rules of electromagnetism on a sphere. Part of  this theory, concerning the role of the 
moon blocking the electromagnetic flow  from  the Sun, thus affecting  the  surface  gravity 
electromagnetic's of  the earth, is one example in biological models that give credence to this 
I might add that this analogy can be transformed to any force that  interferes with the 
electromagnetic dynamics of atoms with any of the intracellular processes. Most disease  processes  
are due to the interruption of the magnetic flow of electron systems within the cell itself, leading to 
aberrations in other systems within the cell. This is why so much medical research is  wasted 
looking for a physical cause when aberrations within the cells are electron transfer systems.
Mother  Nature:  That is all very interesting. Do  you  have  any other examples of this 

Father  Time:  One of the first concepts that  biology students learn is called 'differentiation'- the 
separation of tissues into layers into various tissues and organs. After sufficient numbers of  cells 
form, three distinct layers of tissues emerge referred to as ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm. 

The pattern  that  these tissues form through evolution is very consistent with the  role of the moon 
indenting the surface gravity of the earth.  If  we were to 'roll' the moon directly down a straight  
line from  the Sun onto the North Pole of the earth toward  the  black hole, we would produce a 
hyperbolic indentation upon the  surface gravity of the earth. If we think of the first ovum being  
formed between the moon on the earth's surface, any cellular development would have to form 
between these two forces. Since this does  not actually occur, we have to use some imagination to 
understand this process. 
After  a certain number of daughter cells have formed, they form  into a hollow sphere, referred to 
as the morula. The next process of development is called gastrulation, in which  the hollow sphere 
of cells develops a depression and the invaginates, much like a basketball being deflated and being 
pushed together. The inner layer of cells becomes the endodermal layer, the outer layer remains as 
the ectodermal layer of cells. As this  process continues, a new layer, the mesoderm, develops 
between them. The system of cells grow into a circle with a small opening called the blastopore. 

 This  background information  is necessary to understand the role of the moon in these stages of  
embryological development. It is in the stage of the formation of the mesodermal layer and the 
neural groove that this becomes clearer.

The neural groove, produced by the indentation of the moon on the earth's  surface, is the precursor 
of the central nervous system, and the shape that it takes is most interesting in  the evolutionary 
development of vertebrates. These cells grow around the force and shape of the moon. Were the 
earth flat, rolling the moon across it would produce a groove similar to this shape. The eventual  
form that this tissue layer becomes, the brain tissue, grows toward the Sun, with  the tail section 
toward  the black  hole. Of interest is the permanent hollow tube within  the spinal cord, the central 
canal. This is due to the  blockage of the electromagnetic flow from the Sun onto the earth's  
surface gravity electromagnetic force field by the moon. 

Mother Nature: If this theory is correct, how do you account for the changes  in DNA that have 
produced the different forms and shapes in the evolutionary cycle through the millenniums of time?

Father  Time:  I believe that the possibility of the changes in libration of  longitude and latitude of 
the moon as  it  travels around  the earth produces a near infinitesimal change in it's gravity trail  
that affects the formation of DNA. This is why evolutionary changes are so slow in occurring. 
Additionally, mass accumulates  mass, and in this way acquires characteristics  it's own.                                                                 
An  examination of  the human brain and skull show remarkable similarities to the Van Allen 
radiation belts that surround the earth. The inner zone, composed of high energy protons,  
corresponds with the base of the corpus callosum. Between the inner and outer zones is the 'Slot', a 

region of  minimally charged particles, corresponds  to the hollow area in the brain  tissue called  
the septum pellucidum. The outer zone, containing  many high energy electrons, corresponds to the 
superior portion of the Corpus Callosum. Extending outward is the main body of the human brain,  
the  right  and left cerebral cortex.  Below the corpus callosum lies the most primitive and powerful 
of the portions of the brain, the pineal body, the pituitary gland, etc. The central nervous system 
literally grows into this magnetic field surrounding the earth. The skull bones also reflect  these  
radiation zones,  with the parietal bones having distinct lower and upper bony ridges. Bone tissue, 
being a crystal of calcium and phosphorus, follows the lines of magnetic force and form according  
to the principles of the physics of electron flow of these lines.

I  would like to conclude this article with a quotation from  the Chinese Book of Changes: "Sun 
and Moon have heaven and can therefore shine forever. If we meditate on what gives duration  to  
a thing, we can understand the nature of heaven and all beings."



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