Phylogeny meeting, London on May 14th 1996

Frank Wright frank at bioss.sari.ac.uk
Mon Apr 29 11:02:56 EST 1996

                          BRITISH REGION
                     INSTITUTE OF MATHEMATICS
                       AND ITS APPLICATIONS

             Phylogenetic Trees & Evolutionary Models

                      Tuesday, 14th May 1996
                            at 9.30am

         a one day meeting at the Natural History Museum
                Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD, UK

                         Dr Frank WRIGHT
              (Biomathematics & Statistics Scotland)
              Phylogenetic Trees and Real Data Sets

                          Dr Mark PAGEL
                      (University of Oxford)
        Inferring Evolutionary Processes from Phylogenies 

                       Professor Paul SHARP
                    (University of Nottingham)
               Origins & Evolution of AIDS Viruses

                           Dr Sean NEE
                      (University of Oxford)
          Using Phylogenetic Trees to See into the Past

                      Professor David HILLIS
                      (University of Texas)
      Accuracy & Hypothesis Testing in Phylogenetic Analysis

For further details, please contact:

    Clive Moncrieff, 
    Head of Biometry, 
    Biometrics Section, 
    Natural History Museum, 
    Cromwell Road, 
    London SW7 5BD, 

e-mail: c.moncrieff at nhm.ac.uk.

The registration fee of 25 pounds (same price for students) will 
include coffee, lunch and tea.

Frank Wright, Biomathematics & Statistics Scotland, University of
              JCMB, Kings Buildings, Edinburgh EH9 3JZ, Scotland, U.K.
e-mail:       frank at bioss.sari.ac.uk
WWW:          http://www.bioss.sari.ac.uk/~frank

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