A recent book about Patrick Matthew and natural selection

ROBERT SAUNDERS rdcsaunders at its.dundee.ac.uk
Tue Apr 30 06:01:08 EST 1996

Has anyone come across "Evolutionary concepts in the nineteenth century.  
Natural selection and Patrick Matthew" by W. J. Dempster?  I picked up a copy 
the other day (it's just come out as 2nd edition).

Seems as though Matthew outlined Natural Selection (in a form) in an appendix 
to a book called "Naval Timber and Arboriculture".  The author seems to be 
trying to affect an academic style, but only (on the basis of the first 80 or 
so pages) seems to circle around a number of derogatory comments about Darwin 
and his friends.

Anyone heard of this guy Dempster?


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