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Deliberate conscious evolution

JimHines at Interserv.Com JimHines at Interserv.Com
Sun Aug 4 10:46:50 EST 1996

>   Gary DosSantos <dossantos at paprican.ca> writes:
>  Chris Barry wrote:
>  In fact, there is not 
>  a single example of intermediate species to be found anywhere among the 
>  fossils uncovered to date. Does this mean that neodarwinism is wrong? 


There is an interesting dicussion going on over in SCI.BIO.EVOLUTION .  In that group 
Ronald Bates wrote:

>I think the main sticking point is the presence of the intermediates.
>Although (to continue with our example) chihuahuas and great Danes
>can't interbreed, one could arrange a series of matings across a
>range of breeds of dogs of gradually increasing size, such that
>genes from the chihuahua gene pool are transferred to the great Dane
>gene pool.

>This is similar to the situation with Arctic gulls.  Populations of
>this species are distributed across the north circumpolar region.
>There is a clinal gradation of characteristics as one moves east
>across Eurasia.  The interesting thing is that, although adjacent
>populations have no trouble interbreeding, those at the far eastern
>and western ends of the cline cannot interbreed.  So is this one
>species or two (or more)?  Nature is never as tidy as we'd like
>it to be.

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