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Q: programs that mimic evolution?

Brian Foley btf at t10.lanl.gov
Fri Aug 23 14:25:32 EST 1996

Brig Klyce wrote:
> According to modern neo-Darwinism, random mutation and natural
> selection are sufficient to compose the new genes required for
> evolutionary advances. It should be possible to achieve analogous
> results _in silico_. Is there any software that can, by random 
> mutation and natural selection, compose the analog of new genes? 
> That is, longish strings of code with new, unforseeable, useful 
> instructional meaning?
>         Brig Klyce   (bklyce at baste.magibox.net)

There are at least two whole fields of research devoted to this:
artificial life and genetic algorithms.  Artificial life is
the most closely related to what you describe.  In that field
people write programs that self replicate and evolve over time.
Genetic algorithms also evolve over time, but these programs 
usually have a specific functional goal that they are asked
to achieve.
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