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Haldanes Rule

'Hopi' Danielle Hoekstra hopi at u.washington.edu
Sat Aug 24 15:19:41 EST 1996

On Fri, 23 Aug 1996, Gary S. McKenzie wrote:

> Hi
> Can someone please inform me of recent papers that address (or symposiums)
> the above and possibly recent molecular evidence for the rational of
> heterogametic sterility and inviability and postzygotic isolation in
> higher eukaryotes. I realize that the X has been the dominant chromosome
> that genes have been mapped to involving Haldanes rule, and that this
> could involve deleterious X-autosome interactions or a mismatch between X
> & Y chromos. What is the argument in favour of more rapid evolution of novel
> meiotic drive systems or the faster rate of substitution of favourable
> recessives on the sex chromosomes in regards to this? Any ideas on the
> possibility of a composite nature for Haldanes rule?
> Any information is greatly appreciated
> G.S. McKenzie

(1)  There are a series of "Letters to the Editor" on Haldane's Rule,
including a review of the current hypotheses (X-Y interactions, X-autosome
interactions, the faster accumulation of recessive, adaptive substitutions
on sex chromosome than autosomes and meiotic drive theories) in the May
1996 issue of Genetics.

(2)  You can also find a nice Review in TREE (Trends in Ecology and
Evolution) July 1996, pp 281-4.

If nothing else, the references therein should be relevant.  Hope this
helps. . . .


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