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Anyone Seen Evolution?

Ed Rybicki ed at MOLBIOL.UCT.AC.ZA
Thu Dec 5 03:45:12 EST 1996

> From:          Jeffrey Allan Simon <jbsimon at ix.netcom.com>
> Subject:       Re: Anyone Seen Evolution?
I wrote:
> >And yes, if you take BK virus (a polyomavirus) out of the urine of 
> >immunosuppressed patients, and cycle it in tissue culture (in which 
> >it initially refuses to grow), checking it frequently by PCR and 
> >sequencing, you will find that tissue culture-adapted mutants arise, 
> >all of which independently have rearranged their "control regions".  
> >In other words, the viruses mutate at a hot-spot, and the ones which 
> >are viable come through.  VERY beneficial, for the virus.  And can be 
> >found in the lit in J Virol by Rubinstein and Harley some years ago.
> >Back to the Book, Jeff....

Jeff wrote:
> Fascinating Ed, but tell me, what is the name of this new species that has "evolved?"  These
> appear to be examples of microevolution.  These examples cannot be used to extrapolate from E
> coli to man.  An organism adapting to its environment is a great example of natural selection,
> but natural selection is just as compatible with creation.  With the billions of years of
> evolution, there should be better examples of evolution, both in the present and in the past. 
> Back to your hypothesizing Ed.....  

You asked for an example one could see/watch: I gave you one.  Now 
you ask for a new species...OK, recombinant geminiviruses, with 
hybrid genomes, that infect wider / different host ranges of plants 
(to be found all over S and N America presently) - and evidence that 
an ancient recombination gave rise to an entire GENUS of 
Geminiviridae (hybrid genome betweem Subgroup I and III 
geminiviruses), with new properties / host range / etc.

Buth that won't satisfy you either, will it?  

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