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C.B. Wiegand cbw2c at avery.med.Virginia.EDU
Thu Dec 5 02:16:56 EST 1996

On Tue, 3 Dec 1996, Mark Peters wrote:

> Who cares? Anyone?  
> Antibiotics kill the bad germs. (The ones that don't become antibiotic
> resitant).  Antibiotics also kill the good germs that help prevent the
> spread of bad germs. (loss of the good germs makes open season for
> antibiotic resistant bad germs) "Antibiotics" that do not kill yeast
> (open the season) and promote their growth.  The yeast C. albicans can
> catalyze nitrosamine (a carcinogen) that causes cancer.  

[excess conspiracy rant deleted]

First, ain't this a little off-topic for this newsgroup?

Nitrosamine IS a mutagen and potential carcinogen, along with
about 10000 other sustances we are exposed to on a daily basis.
It is formed by Candida albicans BUT it is also formed from nitrites via
a reaction with gastric enzymes. So you'd better include the
processed-food folks in your circle of conspirators--hot dog consumption
is even more common than yeast infections.    :)

BTW, the push these days in medical education is to use antibiotics very
sparingly.  Gone are the days when docs would throw penicillin at every
cough, sneeze, and bellyache.  If you think nitrosamines are scary, try



Christopher B. Wiegand		
UVa School of Medicine `99

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	--from _Le Morte D'Arthur_, Book XVIII, Chapter 25
	  Sir Thomas Malory, 1485

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