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Anyone Seen Evolution?

John R. Jungck jungck at BELOIT.EDU
Thu Dec 5 15:44:18 EST 1996

Dear unnamed participant,

I have to say that this discussion seems enormously misplaced, but look at
plants: allopolyploidy in the Brassica family is an excellent example.


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>>> Problem is the definition of what a species is ! as I recall correctly from
>>> biology 107: aspecies is defined as an organism that can produce fertile
>>> offspring if mated with an organism of the same species.
>>> With E.coli (a-sexual multiplication) or a virus, the definition of a
>>>species is almost
>>> impossible,
>>...but has been done: taxonomy committees for both groups of
>>organisms have defined species for both, so the mating concept falls
>Hm interesting. I'm not familiar with this: how
>is a species defined nowadays ?
>(aslo: I remember a dixussion once on the telly
>between creationists and normal people and in the end
>the creationist had to admit that new species are being
>formed. But they THEN went ahead and stated that this is still
>no proof for evolution, because its unimaginable that
>a complete new genus or even taxa are being formed !
>But anyway: do you have examples of higher organsims
>where evolution is more or less obvious ?

John R. Jungck
Beloit College
700 College Street
Beloit, WI 53511

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