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Mike O'Hara mohara at ihug.co.nz
Sat Dec 28 16:18:30 EST 1996

I have been following the discussion on the 'existence of evolution'
with some dismay, for two reasons.

1. Firstly, while I agree the Theory of Evolution is a theory, it is a
demonstrable theory. A number of high school practicals use a
demonstration of the selection of  mutation, one of the cornerstones of
the theory. Further, there are a number of close molecular relationships
amongst the species that inhabit the earth.
    I guess the Theory of Gravity is only a theory, too.
2. No one has proposed an alternative theory nor any experiments that
can lead to an alternative. To me, this is the worst sort of science -
if you think a theory is incorrect, what is your alternative and how do
you propose to prove it.

    On this note, the TV program "Friends' has an episode where one of
the characters is forced to admit that it is possible that the theory of
evoution is incorrect, using the argument about flat v round earth to
demonstrate the advance of science. Fine - but until someone can show me
a better working hypothesis that fits the data AND predicts the results
of experiments, evolution will do for me.
    After all, isn't that what science is really about?

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