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Axayacatl Rocha arocha at UCSD.EDU
Thu Feb 1 17:18:48 EST 1996

Petur, I ran into your message in the usenet group and I'm very puzzled by
the info in your signature. Are you studying _Sebastus_ (?) or _Sebastes_
(redfish & rockfish) genetics? If it's the latter I'd be very interested in
knowing more about it. I'm a grad student at SIO and I'm working on the
subgenus _Sebastomus_ aka "rosy rockfish group"(phylo and pop genetics). Re:
your original posting (founder effect) you might try to go to the source
(Ernst Mayr: Populations, Species and Evolution. HUP) or take a stab at one
of the many Genetic textbooks, there's a clear treatment in Ayala & Kiger's
"Modern Genetics":791. Good luck! Axa

>Petur Henry Petersen
>Marine Research Institute of Iceland
>Population Genetics Group
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