? Number of expressed plant genes

warren lamboy warren_lamboy at cornell.edu
Fri Feb 2 09:15:53 EST 1996

To molbio.evolution: 

    Can someone please tell me if there are any recent estimates of the
number of expressed genes in flowering plants?  I realize that the
estimate may vary, considering that chromosome numbers can range from the
2n=4 in Happlopappus to the 2n~=250 in Kalanchoe, and that obviously not
all of this DNA represents coding regions, etc.  I am simply interested in
a ballpark figure that has been published and is citable.  I have spent
hours using BIOSIS trying to find a citation and have been unable to come
up with anything.  Thanks very much.  

-  Warren

Warren Lamboy
Cornell University
Geneva, New York 

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