Q: Database on "Comparative (protein) pharmacology?

Dr Jamie Love jamie at enterprise.net
Mon Feb 5 18:14:46 EST 1996

I am looking for information comparing the effects of different pharmaceutical 
proteins on different species.
That is, "What happens if you inject (say) Human tPA into (say) trout?"
Does it "work"/"harm" the animal? etc.

I'm not particularly interested in the (specific) example above.
I'd like to find a database or recent book, if one exists, which complies this 
type of information. It would be a wealth of info on such things as evolution 
of ligand/receptors, cross-species pharmacology, comparative physiology, and 
other areas.

I am sure that much of this type of research is done, probably piece meal and 
reported all over the place; a drug company testing its one particular drug 
(for use by doctors and vets) or curious biochemists, etc.
I would like to avoid tracking this info down bit by bit, if I can avoid it.

If you know of any of this kind of information being compiled, on the 'Net or 
elsewhere, please Email me
jamie at enterprise.net
(If you think others in this newsgroup would also find it informative, please 
post as well)

Thanking you in advance,

Jamie Love (Biochemist)

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