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Dr Jamie Love jamie at enterprise.net
Sun Feb 11 14:06:09 EST 1996

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From: jamie at enterprise.net (Dr Jamie Love)
Subject: Q Is there a data base for pharmaceutical proteins.
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 96 20:49:22 GMT
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I'm looking for a database or book or review article which would summarize 
what we know about the use of biopharmaceuticals in species other than from 
the species from which it was derived.

For example, what happens if you inject human ACE into trout? Does it have the 
same or different or no effect, as it does in the human.

Naturally, I'm not interested in that one question. I'd like to find a 
complied list of these types of experiments. I'm sure many have been done, but 
are all over the place and, at this stage, would rather ask you for advice 
before diving into the computer and searching this out one species and drug at 
a time (Ugg!)

This info would be useful in taxonomy and phylogeny, as well as questions 
about ligand and receptor interactions and co-evolution of bio-molecules.

Please Email me at 
jamie at enterprise.net
or post here, if you feel others would be equally interested in your findings.

Thanking you in advance,

Dr JamEND -- Cut Here -- cut here

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