bootstrap values

Moulliard Charles moulliard at mbla.ucl.ac.be
Mon Feb 12 04:03:10 EST 1996


Could someone help me? 

I work on 14 sequences (rDNA of the ITS region) of Lipomyces strains. I 
have make an alignment of my sequences using pileup program of GCG. After 
that, I have use the .msf file for analysing the file with the package 
I have made 1000 bootstaps using SEQBOOT and then calculate the most 
parsimonious tree with DNAPARS. But, when I look to the tree, I don't see 
the bootstraps value. How can I see on the postscript tree file the 
bootstrap values. 

What is the best way to analyse the data and to find the tree?

DNA parsimonious <-> DNA branch and bound algorythm <-> Maximum likelihood 
analyses <-> ... ?

Charles Moulliard (moulliard at mbla.ucl.ac.be)

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