Codon Bias

Jean Lobry lobry at evol10.univ-lyon1.fr
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In article 100000 at morpheus, "Jeffrey J. Huckaby" <huckabyj at minerva.cis.yale.edu> writes:
>	I am interested in codon bias as a combinatorial optimization 
>problem...in some organisms, "optimal" codon usage appears to be 
>correlated with the level of gene expression--highly expressed genes use 
>the optimal codons whereas genes with lower expression use rare codons.  
>Essentially, I am interested if this pattern results from a complex 
>optimization process?
>	Does anyone know of any articles on this issue?
>Thanks in Advance

Sharp, P.M. and Matassi, G. (1994) Codon usage and genome evolution.
Current Opinion in Genetics and Development 4:851-860

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