Preprint Available: Evolution of Natural Antibodies

Russell Anderson rwa at milo.berkeley.edu
Fri Feb 16 07:12:49 EST 1996


The following paper is now available by electronic mail:

"How Adaptive Antibodies Facilitate the Evolution of Natural Antibodies"

 		 Russell W. Anderson

	(In press: Immunology and Cell Biology, 1996)


I show how Ig specificities, randomly generated in conventional B cells, 
can come to be expressed in the genetically-determinate B1 population.
Thus the adaptive antibody population facilitates the evolution of the 
natural antibody repertoire, analogous to the Baldwin effect in the 
evolution of instinct.  I discuss the evolution of these two populations 
under both the ``proximal usage" and ``preferential expression" hypotheses
of biased Ig gene segment usage.  This process is independent of theories 
of B1 function.

KEY WORDS: Baldwin effect; natural antibodies; learning; evolution;
CD5; Ly-1; proximal usage hypothesis 


For a postscript version or hardcopy, please send inquiries to
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Russell Wayne Anderson
Viral and Rickettsial Disease Laboratory
California Department of Health Services
2151 Berkeley Way
Berkeley, CA 94704
FAX (510) 848-1576
rwa at milo.berkeley.edu

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