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yuanpei xin <yx5 at COLUMBIA.EDU> wrote:
>From the lower species to the higher species during the evolution the 
>genomic complexity has been increase and will be certainly increase in 
>the Future. 
>But has we expected more and more genes we can not exclude the lost of 
>some gene, useless. I would like to know more about some gene lost in the 
>mamalian familly and more specificly in human. 

Your assumption that "higher" species are more complex genetically is
incorrect.  In fact, there is little relationship between the genetic
complexity of a genome and the organism for which it codes.
Salamanders, for example, have 50 times more DNA than humans.

  "...organisms with highest DNA content are not necessarily most 
  complex. e.g. some plants have more than man; some amphibians have
  more than man. Furthermore, two different amphibians can have very
  different DNA contents.
   from:  http://litwww.cwru.edu/CWRU/Dept/Artsci/biol/courses/210/eukgoe

This is the "C-value paradox."



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