New program, FLUCTUATE, for estimating population growth

Mary K. Kuhner mkkuhner at phylo.genetics.washington.edu
Wed Feb 28 23:53:56 EST 1996

We have just made available a preliminary version of FLUCTUATE, a new 
program in the LAMARC package.  FLUCTUATE uses Metropolis-Hastings 
sampling to estimate Theta (4Ne\mu) and exponential growth rate based 
on samples of nucleotide sequences from a population:  it is an extension 
of our previous program COALESCE (which estimated only Theta and assumed
constant population size).

The program is written in C and should run on most machines, though it
is fairly space and time intensive.  We've run it successfully on
workstations, fast PCs (486+) and PowerMacs.  Currently only source code
is available.

The LAMARC package is available by anonymous ftp:
evolution.genetics.washington.edu, directory /pub/lamarc 

or via the WWW at:

The README file contains instructions for fetching and unpacking the
programs.  We do not have the resources to mail diskettes.

Please send all queries and bug reports to:

Mary Kuhner mkkuhner at genetics.washington.edu
Felsenstein Lab
Department of Genetics
University of Washington
Box 35-7360
Seattle, WA 98195-7360

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