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identical twins

j.r.stephen mbi071 at abdn.ac.uk
Thu Jul 4 07:30:23 EST 1996

Geoff Barton (gjb at bioch.ox.ac.uk) wrote:
: Brent Gilbert wrote:
: > 
: > In <4rccbo$1hp at news2.ios.com> knanette at village.ios.com (Nanette Knaster) writes:
: > 
: > >If identical twins marry identical twins, are the offspring of each
: > >marriage (cousins) considered to be siblings genetically since both sets
: > >of offspring share the same gene pools.  Can someone explain this?  It was
: > >a discussion that came up today at the old watercooler, and I'd be much
: > >obliged for a scientific explanation.  Thank you.  Please respond via e-mail.
: > 
: > Not likely. Remember, almost every cell in the human body, save Erythrocytes
: > and sperm/egg cells, have two sets of chromosomes. So, let's say one set of
: > twins has the genotype Bb for eye color ( that is, brown eyes, but a carrier
: > of the blue eyes trait) and the other twin have the same, the offspring can
: > ber either BB, Bb, or bb, hence not identical in this respect.
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: > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
: > Brent Gilbert (bg005d at uhura.cc.rochester.edu)
: > "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice" -Neil Peart

: I don't think the question was are the offspring identical, rather are
: they genetically as similar as  siblings would be?

: Interesting.

: Geoff.

Right, Geoff, Brent missed the point I think. Guess they would be as similar
genetically as siblings, what do you think the courts would make of it if there
was to be a first cousin marriage, apart from being basically a bad idea?


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