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Am I being dazzled by science or baffled by bullshit?

Gary Elmes gazza at iconz.co.nz
Sat Jul 6 03:36:52 EST 1996

In an exchange on creationism in the nz.general NG, chrismac at midland.co.nz
(Chris McFarlane) posted the message quoted below in support of the
creationist theory.

I have a suspicion that it is all twaddle, but since my [academic]
education on matters biological stopped abruptliy at age 18, and he uses
lots of big words, I can't say for sure.

Can anyone enlighten me as to whether Chris's assertions are
supportable/refutable. Replies by e-mail would be appreciated, since I
tend not to hang out in this NG.

The statement in question is:

> All amino acids manufactured or discovered are 50%/50% left hand/right
> which proves them to be *dead*, like the hypotheses of evolution. The
> state of 50/50 A.A. is *proven* in Pasteur's work with milk, and
> and now used by forensic science for determining an organisms time of
> It is the basis of modern pasteurisation and ultra longlife (very dead)
> *Living* amino acids must be 100% right handed or left, and never 50/50.
> few manufactured base components are hopelessly lacking for use as the
> million components essential to a DNA. This point was conceded by an
> scientific evolutionist during a university seminar by Institute of
> Research (The Origin of Life, recording available). Evolutionists faith
> these components becoming anything else is merely faith, not science.
> and unsupportable faith that base chemicals could be developed into more

> complex units is said to only have succeeded in *creative*ly
> those units by applying intelligence and organisational energy, random 
> processes do not tend to organisation. 
> Statistics of random processes tends toward 50/50 outcomes; certainly
> 100%, upheld by any university level stats book. The second law of 
> thermodynamics teaches that in the absense of non-random energy all
> tend toward chaos; cf the entropy of a system. Organisational energy is 
> essential to cause and maintain anything but a dead or decaying state
for a 
> system, and certainly a 100% state. 
> Organisational energy essential to cause and maintain 100% organic
> has been attributed to God by Institute of Creation Research. Random
> such as the lowest and most randomly organised form of energy called
> does not lend organisation to a system. The laws of thermodynamics
insist that 
> random energy in heat can never become the pure forms of energy such as
> which is a useful motive force; let alone a life force. This is the law
> conservation of energy, firmly linked to the entropy of a system.
> Natural processes are defeated by entropy, statistics, and proofs of 
> scientific biological investigation.


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