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Charles Gregory ab801 at james.freenet.hamilton.on.ca
Wed Jul 10 16:55:18 EST 1996

edconrad at prolog.net (Ed Conrad) wrote:
<The story of the two trapped miners>

A possible explanation which would NOT require "afterlife" explanations, but 
which would tend to substantiate notions of "telepathy":

A theory has been advanced to explain certain religious and UFO encounters, 
where seismic stresses placing rock under "breaking strain" released a kind 
of electrical gas/plasma which, when closely approached, would affect the 
brain and produce intense memories of "experiences" that didn't really 

In the case of the two miners, there is ample evidence for rock having 
broken, so it is reasonable to suggest that other rock  might still have 
been under this strain, and the blue-white light matches the general 
description for the gas/plasma. Under these conditions, "odd" experiences 
like the visions of the pope and/or doors would be reasonable, without 
suggesting "dysfunctional" hallucinations. The experiences would be wholly 
credible to a thinking person, and appear quite real.

The clincher here is that the two "interviews" match up sufficiently to 
suggest that somehow the DETAILS of each person's subjective experience was 
"shared" non-verbally with the other. This could mean that the two brains 
somehow "synchronized" while experiencing non-real events, or that the 
events were in fact real.

I personally "believe" that their experiences may have been exactly what 
they described, but this does not make their reports "proof", as my 
alternate explanation clearly shows.....

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