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Deliberate conscious evolution

Catherine woodgold woodgold at seismo.emr.ca
Thu Jul 25 15:01:18 EST 1996

In article <31F675F1.9434368 at llnl.gov>, Chris Barry <chbarry at llnl.gov> writes:
>Funmental wrote:
>> Can an organism's mental states (such as ourselves) communicate to our
>> reproductive cells (egg,sperm) and somehow change the DNA to reflect a
>> "higher state" that might be transmitted to the next generation?

Yes, actually.  Sort-of, anyway.

People can consciously choose to select an embryo which doesn't have
a genetic disease, for example, or select a sperm of desired sex.
OK, selecting the egg, sperm or embryo isn't quite the same as
changing the DNA in an existing cell, but maybe someday that too
will be possible.  In a science-fiction story, people would select
the desired combination of their chromosomes (e.g. "give the child
my curly hair, his high intelligence, etc.") and doctors would
find for them one of their embryos with a combination close to
what they chose.  Thus, humans consciously evolved.  I admit that's
just science-fiction, but the reality today of parents choosing
embryos that don't have a specific disease seems part of the
same continuum to me.

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