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Deliberate conscious evolution

Gary DosSantos dossantos at paprican.ca
Mon Jul 29 16:43:43 EST 1996

Chris Barry wrote:
> Funmental wrote:
> >
> > Can an organism's mental states (such as ourselves) communicate to our
> > reproductive cells (egg,sperm) and somehow change the DNA to reflect a
> > "higher state" that might be transmitted to the next generation?
> NO!
> Chris

MAYBE! According to Darwin (or, to be more precise, neodarwinist 
theory), this type of transmission can not occur. However, the fossil 
record shows species arising quicker than can be explained by descent 
with modification. Darwin knew this, and predicted that these gaps would 
disappear as more and more fossils were uncovered. In fact, there is not 
a single example of intermediate species to be found anywhere among the 
fossils uncovered to date. Does this mean that neodarwinism is wrong? 
No, it just means that it does not explain everything. As far as I know, 
nobody has ever looked for this type of transmission (it's called 
Lamarckian evolution, and is generally frowned upon in evolutionary 

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