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NAKAMURA Yasukazu nakamura at disc.dna.affrc.go.jp
Sun Jun 9 23:24:13 EST 1996

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>> Hello, I'm looking for a codon usage table for bovine. Who knows about it ?

I have been providing codon usage tables from latest GenBank major
release.  Now the site have sum of codon usage of complete protein
coding genes for 5260 species, and codon usage of each gene from
GenBank Release 94, 15 April 1996 (105210 protein coding genes).

The URL is http://www.dna.affrc.go.jp/~nakamura/codon.html.  You can
query with Latin name of the species.  The old WWW site
http://tisun4a.lab.nig.ac.jp/codon/CUTG.html had been expired because
of disk crash of the server.

NAKAMURA Yasukazu                ynakamu at kazusa.or.jp
Laboratory of Gene Structure 2   Kazusa DNA Research Institute

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