Incongruence between data sets in plants

Jonathan F. Wendel jfw at iastate.edu
Tue Jun 18 10:35:53 EST 1996

Jeff Doyle and I are preparing a manuscript on phylogenetic incongruence in plants, to be included as a 
chapter in the upcoming revision of Molecular Systematics of Plants (Chapman and Hall, D. Soltis, P. Soltis 
and J. Doyle, eds.).  In this chapter we are reviewing the various biological causes of incongruence 
between data sets, such as lineage sorting, hybridization, gene recombination, etc.  We are also including 
a table of examples from the literature and wish to make this table as complete as possible.  Our intention 
is to provide a convenient pointer to empirical studies that demonstrate phylogenetic incongruence in 
plants, and in the process summarize available information on its underlying causes.  We would be grateful 
if you could help us make this table as complete and therefore as useful as possible by sending any and all 
examples that you think should be included (from your lab or others) to Jonathan Wendel at jfw at iastate.edu. 
 Thank you very much, Jonathan and Jeff.

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