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Sun Jun 23 21:57:17 EST 1996

Here is a wake up call to all those complacent scientists and
theologians out there. Most people seem to think that Fundamentalism
is on the decline. I am here to say that it is not. 

Most people seem to think that the Fundamentalism can not possibly
survive with the new breakthroughs in science that we are inundated
with on a daily basis. I say that it can.

There are many good people out there in fundyland that are being
virtually brainwashed with dogma.

I am a Christian. I am not, however, a lobotomized, dogma orientated,
ultra-conservative who either ignores or worse still, belittles the
findings of modern day science.

I feel that the majority of scientists are ignoring the
fundamentalists movement at their peril. As more and more misguided
fundies enter into the political realm (and more and more fundies vote
them in everyday!), how do you think this will impact moneys spent on
science (that does not support the Christian science)??  How do you
think this will impact education? Schools are shying away in
increasing numbers from teaching ‘controversial’ subjects like
evolution and cosmology.

Some could argue that the fundies are setting up their own schools.
Good argument, however these schools are growing in number and are
producing individuals who have little regard for the ‘worldly’
sciences. At best, they ignore the sciences altogether. At worst, the
become ‘Christian’ scientist. (Not to be confused with ‘Christian
Scientist’ and Hubbards bunch)

It is not the fault of the children (or even, to some degree, the
parents) that they grow up fearing science. To the untrained mind, the
Young Earthers and Creationist have compelling arguments that appear
to have the evolutionists on the run. I know that this is not true,
however I only know this because some scientists have written articles
and books about these topics directly targeting anti-evolutionary
arguments. (‘Scientists Confront Creationism edited by Laurie R.
Godfrey and ‘In the Beginning; A Scientist Shows Why Creationists are
Wrong -- I am concerned about this last one as it is no longer in
print despite a fairly recent publishing date!)

We need more such books and articles written for the layman. Some of
my scientist friends feel that there really isn’t a need and besides,
it is so boring (and even a little frustrating). I understand their
boredom and frustration, however, as scientists, your role is to bring
the knowledge you acquire back to humanity. To ‘give up’ on the layman
is to risk alienating yourselves from them. Once you have done that,
you are in severe danger of being misunderstood, feared about and even

We need more such people involved with the schools. The fundies will
not until the government ‘returns’ to its Christian teachings. They
will not stop because they believe that the world has gone pagan on
them (and to a large part, it has) and they must ‘save’ more and more
souls before the ‘end times’. They will not stop at evolution. How
about geology (young earth/ flood), history and anthropology (complete
reliance on the Bible for prehistory, Middle East History a Roman
Culture), sociology, racism (Tower of Babel being responsible for
Races), slavery (Noah’s son seeing his father naked gives divine
approval for slavery), psychology (a battle is raging between the
forces of darkness and light for each persons soul, demons), heredity
(sins of the fathers are visited on the children for multiple
generations) to name a few.

Women’s rights, Capital Punishment, Abortion (and in some circles,
family planning altogether) are all targets.

My feelings on these issues is not relevant. What is relevant is the
truth and I hold little regard for those who would suppress the truth
because it conflicts with their view on the cosmos. 

I also call out to those theologians out there. Talk to us!! Some of
you have shared your findings in such periodicals as Bible Review and
TV shows such as Ancient Mysteries. People need to learn about the
various theories regarding the formation of the old and new testament.
They need to know alternatives to the ‘all or nothing’ schema that
they are faced with. There are many ‘closet’ church goers who are
frustrated with organized religion and will not accept atheism. Let’s
have some communication. Why is it that books about Angels appearing
on Earth appear almost 5 times to 1 book on serious layman biblical
critique?  I know that the publishing companies share considerable
blame in this but there are other mediums. (Good sources for serious
accessible Biblical critique would be Tom Harpur and John Shelby Spong
to name a couple)

Just a concerned voice for our children’s futures.

"to do justice,
 to love kindness.
 and to walk humbly with ... God'

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