Wake up call

Chris Barry chbarry at llnl.gov
Tue Jun 25 13:21:08 EST 1996

> I feel that the majority of scientists are ignoring the
> fundamentalists movement at their peril. As more and more misguided
> fundies enter into the political realm (and more and more fundies vote
> them in everyday!), how do you think this will impact moneys spent on
> science (that does not support the Christian science)??  How do you
> think this will impact education? Schools are shying away in
> increasing numbers from teaching ‘controversial’ subjects like
> evolution and cosmology.
> Some could argue that the fundies are setting up their own schools.
> Good argument, however these schools are growing in number and are
> producing individuals who have little regard for the ‘worldly’
> sciences. At best, they ignore the sciences altogether. At worst, the
> become ‘Christian’ scientist. (Not to be confused with ‘Christian
> Scientist’ and Hubbards bunch)

Usually I don't take the time to respont to such hysterics. I thought
this was a moderated group anyway. I am getting a little tired of the
misinformed contending that the increase in religous fundamentalism is
going to destroy our education system. I would contend that the National
Education Association et al have already desimated the standards and
would argue that most of the pseudo-science being tought would be no
worse off if it were merely abridged. The previous article sounds like a
plea from someone that wants all standards controlled from some
centralized politburo.


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