MIKE LAMB mikejonlamb at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 27 15:11:29 EST 1996

I think the critical question is:  What are the possible fates of 
mutagens which enter a cell. How many bind harmlessly  and leave without 
damaging ?  How many bind to junk DNA ? How many bind to exons? How many 
bind to introns? The binding sites of certain mutagens are quite 
specific when we are refering to the cancer causing results. But only if 
we can assess the frequencies of these other fates can we be sure of the 
relative affect. 

My 'contention' that introns help prevent these cancer causing mutations 
was based on certain guesses which may turn out to be wrong. But if 
these frequecies are known, and can be used to argue against my 
position, I would certainly be willing to acquiesce. 

Any such help would be appreciated. And I do admit that my 'contention' 
was worded a bit too strongly. 

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