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Sarah J Frankel sfrankel at uoguelph.ca
Fri Mar 1 07:56:33 EST 1996

Eg. Polyploid plants. Plants can have more than two sets of genes (ie. we 
have 2n=46, some plants can have up to 8n, like our version of wheat, 
though admittedly that was a forced, or at least an encouraged divergance).

The C-value paradox is a paradox. Why do less complex organisms 
*sometimes* carry around more genetic material then more complex 
organisms? It's a paradox becuase the anticipated relationship of the 
complexity being proportional to amound of DNA does not hold.

Just to clarify, repeated genes does not infer CATCATCAT, but multiple 
copies of the same *gene*, not DNA sequence. ie Having a copy of the gene 
for a certain protein at several locations on different chromosomes. So 
a karyotype of size A that carries 80,000 DIFFERENT genes, is more 
complex then one of size 2A that carries 2X the amount of DNA, but only 
30,000 *different* genes.


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