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Deliberate conscious evolution

George Gutman ggutman at MEDED.MED.UCI.EDU
Thu Mar 14 00:37:45 EST 1996

On Wed, 13 Mar 1996, Jill Turner wrote:

> 	I would like to know if anyone out there has encountered any
> unorthodox theories of evolution.  This could be anywhere from the ideas
> of Rudolplh Shledrake to   Lamarkck.  I somehow am unable to believe that
> such an elaborate process that came up with such complex forms as ourselves
> happened purely by random genetic mutation.  Does any one else think
> this?
> kkxxxxxxxxxxxxkXkxkxxXKKX
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> q

I guess the answer to your question depends on whether you are looking for
any idea you are "able" to believe, or whether you want one for which
there is evidence to support it.  There are those who are "unable" to
believe that the earth is round, and others who are "able" to believe in
routine alien abductions.  On what basis do you choose what you are "able"
to believe? 

If you are not interested in evidence, then ignore this message (and most
other responses you will receive from your posting, I wager) and carry on
your search according to your own tastes.  If, however, you are looking
for explanations based on evidence, then I would ask if you know anything
more about our current understanding of the process of evolution than the
fact that it ultimately depends on "random genetic mutation"?  If not, you
should learn more about it before you decide you cannot believe it.  You
might equally well say you are unable to believe in the theory of
relativity if you had no idea on what it was based; it certainly is
counterintuitive and seems utterly fantastic to anyone ignorant of 20th
century physics. 

Good luck,


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