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Cheetah bottleneck

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Mar 14 10:13:12 EST 1996

Marty, Carson wrote:

> Susan;
> You must of missed my lectures on genetic bottlenecks and effective
> population size. In a nutshell, 

Marty, thanks for the lecture, but obviously you didn't read my question
carefully. I wasn't asking people to copy a few lines from a basic
genetics textbook which I have in my office, but to give me specific
info on CHEETAHS. I KNOW Cheetahs are bottlenecked; what I am interested
in is BY HOW MUCH. 

> Getting back to your question, I suspect that most predators at the
> top of the food chain are vulnerable to some degree due to their small
> poplation size.  This would be further exacerbated if the population
> were further subdivided into genetically isolated subpopulations. As
> for being "doomed", my guess is this probably a matter of human will to
> do something about the cheetahs.  We successfully brought the buffalo
> population back from less than 500 individuals, so why not cheetahs?

This makes little sense in light of your "mini-lecture" (which I
snipped), because you said that below a certain population size they are
doomed, then you go off talking about a totally 'nother system, giving
me exactly *no* new information. 

Excuse me for being testy, it's just that this seems to happen too often
on newsgroups - you post a question asking for specific info about
something, and get back a bunch of "I can't help you, but here's what I
*do* know" lectures...

Again, thanks for trying to help.
(also, learn to post - there was no reason to quote my entire post,
especially since you didn't answer the questions)

Susan Jane Hogarth

"Luck is the residue of design." -- Freddy the Fish 

"Personally, I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like
taught." -- Winston Churchill


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