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Know Any Evolution Books?

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Mar 14 13:45:35 EST 1996

Periannan Senapathy wrote:
> I think that you will be interested in a book that I have recently
> published by the title "Independent Birth of Organisms," in
> which I propose a new theory as an alternative to the conventional
> theory of evolution.

This is very interesting, but I have a few questions.

> Organisms have not descended from a common ancestor, but
> rather from millions of independently born organisms, whose
> genomes were all assembled from a common gene-pool from
> a single small primordial pond by using the common biochemicals,
> genes and molecular biological mechanisms. 

"biological mechanisms"? So these primordial genes were in organisms?
And these organisms swapped them around? Sounds like sex to me...
It's still happening :-)
Seriously, what mechanism do you envision for the transfer of primordial

> Computer studies
> of the genes of animals and plants that are split into exons (coding
> regions) and introns (junk DNA) show that such genes would

I object to the term "junk DNA" for introns. I thought there was lots of
evidence for their function in regulation.

> Modern molecular biology provides ample evidence for the new
> theory.  Recent discoveries of many unique genes in distinct
> organisms that are totally absent in other organisms provide the
> best evidence.

Example, please? How do we know they aren't present elsewhere?

>  The sudden appearance of almost all the distinct organisms
> belonging to all the different phyla in a geological instant at the
> base of the Cambrian period, termed the Cambrian Explosion,
> has not been explainable by the theory of evolution.  The new
> mechanism in fact predicts this scenario. 

I'm confused - if "higher taxa" have been around since very early, why
is there no early fossil record for them? 

Susan Jane Hogarth

"Luck is the residue of design." -- Freddy the Fish 

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