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Deliberate conscious evolution

Ram Samudrala ram at mbisgi.umd.edu
Thu Mar 14 22:26:56 EST 1996

Jill Turner (Mohawk Trail RHS) (jiturner at k12.ucs.umass.edu) wrote:

>	I would like to know if anyone out there has encountered any
>unorthodox theories of evolution.  This could be anywhere from the ideas
>of Rudolplh Shledrake to   Lamarkck.  I somehow am unable to believe that
>such an elaborate process that came up with such complex forms as ourselves
>happened purely by random genetic mutation.  Does any one else think

I've thought about this issue since I was an undergrad, in passing, and
a random mutation model does not explain how function evolves to my
satisfaction.  I think the evolution of new function is something that
is not known.   However, the process of natural selection (how
function is selected) I think is fairly well-understood.

I need to check out the URLs one of the posters here posted which I
believe mentioned Periannan Senapathy.  I believe  he proposes some
sort of a directed evolution.


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