Louis van de Zande L.P.W.G.M.van.de.Zande at biol.RUG.NL
Fri Nov 1 03:29:33 EST 1996


Maybe I am in the wrong discussion group, but I would like to bring 
up some questions on microsatellite evolution instead of celebrating 
the xth birthday of a small blue-green planet at the edges of the 

Most of these questions have been speculated upon, but as far as I 
know, not much empirical data are available as to the answering of 
these questions.

- It has been stated that longer microsatellites (i.e. more repeat 
units) are more variable as well (i.e. have more alleles/locus) Has 
anyone actually observed this? If so, is it a common feature of 

- Can anyone explain why null-alleles can exist within a species (due 
to mutations in primersites) while microsatellite loci are conserved 
between species? 

- Is there an upper limit to microsatellite length? I should think 
so, since insertions are more frequent than deletions in microsat 
mutation. Or do microsats just grow and then, after some critical 
threshold, just collapse and vanish?

Is there anyone out there who has DATA to shed light on these 

Louis van de Zande
Dept. Genetics
The Netherlands

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