readings to understand modern evolutionary theory??

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> Besides these textbooks is anyone aware of a more indepth book on 
> evolution?
> My interest is mainly focussed on 'molecular' evolution. 

Here are some core books:

Gillespie, J. H.  1991.  The Causes of Molecular Evolution.  Oxford Univ. Press.

Kimura, M.  1983.  The Neutral Theory of Molecular Evolution.  Cambridge
Univ. Press.

Lewontin, R. C.  1974.  The Genetic Basis of Evolutionary Change. 
Columbia Univ. Press.

Nei, M. & R. K. Koehn, eds.  1983.  Evolution of Genes and Proteins.  Sinauer.

They are reasonably easy to read.

--Chris Boake

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