readings to understand modern evolutionary theory??

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>>I suppose any textbook on evolution (some excellent ones by that title have
>>been written by Ridley, Futuyma, or Strickberger) would do, as they spell
>>out the basic mechanisms and supporting evidence.  However, two books that
>>I commonly reccomend to friends are "The Blind Watchmaker" by Richard
>>Dawkins and "Darwin's Dangerous Idea:  evolution and the meanings of life"
>>by Daniel Dennett.  They are a fun read, with clear, easy to understand
>>examples of Darwinian evolution.  They are also very popular, and can be
>>found at just about any library or book store.

"Fun read" is a good way to describe the books by Dawkins and Dennett.
They are about as fun to read as a good novel.

>Besides these textbooks is anyone aware of a more indepth book on 
>My interest is mainly focussed on 'molecular' evolution. Especially in 
>the events from organic molecules towards the first selfreplicating 
>compartment (progenote).
>There was this book edited by F? Maynard called Evolution Now from the 
>mid 80's that was/is very interesting to me. Maybe someone knowes a 
>similar, more recent, book.

You may be referring to the following,

     Maynard Smith, J. and Szathmary, E. THE MAJOR TRANSITIONS IN
     EVOLUTION. W.H. Freeman, New York 1995 

This book covers much of what is known about abiogenesis at a fairly
readable level. For more information on molecular evolution you should

     Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, Mass. 1991

     Nei, M. MOLECULAR EVOLUTIONAY GENETICS, Columbia University
     Press, New York 1987

Hope this helps.

Larry Moran

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