Anyone Seen Evolution?

Ed Arias earias1 at uic.edu
Sun Nov 17 19:36:52 EST 1996

Jeff Bush wrote:
> I recently saw on the news a group of mutated frogs (most likely occured
> from the waste we produce).  These frogs were surviving, but these
> mutations didn't seem to improve the frogs any.  So I was just
> wondereing...
> Has anyone ever observed a true *benefitial* mutation occuring in nature?
> And by the way, don't give me examples of Natural Selection, I know the
> difference.

Beneficial to whom?  The organism or us?  What happened to those bacteria that used oil 
as an energy source of some sort...for example, they were supposed to be used to help 
clean up oil spills...perhaps those were created from non-oil metabolizing bacteria by 
some mutation...perhaps not.  Maybe someone knows for sure.  Ed.

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