Anyone Seen Evolution?

Gerhard Steiner GSTEINER at zoo.univie.ac.at
Tue Nov 19 07:00:11 EST 1996

> > Resistance... of hatever sort you like... insects to insecticides,
> Sounds like natural selection, can you expound on that.  How do I know 
>  there weren't a small percent of insects that were resistant to 
> the insecticide to begin with.  My question was pointing at *observing* a 
> benifitial mutation in the genetic code.

On the one hand, you can observe mutations in the genetic code.
Whether or not the mutation(s) is/are benefitial depends on the
present environmental conditions. This question is inseperable from
selection - no matter if it is natural selection or anthropogenic

Once more: you cannot observe benefitial mutations without selection, 
because without selection they cannot be beneficial.


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